Another Hit to Stormy’s Credibility As She Sues for Defamation


According to The Daily Beast, Stormy Daniels was silent when sexual abuse took place on the set as she directed. It is ironic since she is suing Trump for defamation of character.

Tasha Reign, whose real name is Rachel Swimmer, told The Daily Beast that she was groped by a member of the crew while working on 2017’s The Set Up, an adult film which Daniels directed.

Daniels did nothing except arrogantly attempt to get Reign to shut up.

A couple of tweets say more about Daniels than the original accustion.

We already discussed the fact that she once beat up her husband for doing the laundry badly. She was arrested but the charges were later dropped.

Even her porn lawyer’s credibility is in question. Her sleazy lawyer Michael Avenatti ordered two Daily Caller reporters to stop writing about him, claiming what they wrote was defamatory. Most of what is in their article appears to be accurate.

Avenatti didn’t pay his taxes for three years and he didn’t even pay Workman’s Compensation for his staff.

His tax violations are a story in of themselves, but he came into $8 million somehow when he picked up Stormy’s case.

Attorney Robert Barnes tweeted his tax records: “The scope of the tax fraud committed by #Avenatti: he did not even file tax returns for his law firm for 2014, or 2015, or 2016, while court filings show he was making millions and lived in a $12M home. This is what the “NOT FILED” refers to from this IRS document filed in court.”

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