Antony Blinken must be fired


If you are in government and not fighting every moment of every day to make life for Americans freer, you are doing it all wrong and don’t deserve a shred of power over the lives of others.

~ Rep. Lee Zeldin

Secretary Blinken is useless on a good day. There was very little planning during the withdrawal and now thousands are left behind. There are thousands of citizens, Green Card holders, and allies who risked their lives for US soldiers. The US gave billions of weapons to the Taliban. Yet he went before the House yesterday and the Senate today unprepared to answer a question. Democrats covered for him with lies.


While not answering questions, he claimed that the decision to withdraw from Afghanistan was made in consultation with NATO. We all know that the members of NATO, France, Germany, and U.K. were extremely unhappy with Biden’s plans. He didn’t even tell them of his plans until it was a done deal.

At one point, he misled, and said: “Nothing we saw indicated a collapse in 11 days.” Maybe he should reread the Ghani-Biden transcript he undoubtedly saw. In that transcript, Biden tells then-President Ghani to lie and give the public the false perception that the Taliban weren’t moving in taking over as rapidly as they were in fact moving.

That’s the same perception NATO was given. Boris Johnson said he was told he’d keep the embassy.

There was not a word about Afghanistan this past weekend. They moved on to vaccinations and other lesser issues.


Blinken can’t answer a question and gets away with it thanks to Democrats. He wouldn’t even answer a question about the innocent family we droned.

They didn’t know that BEFORE they droned them?

Live Senate Hearing

Democrats are trying to blame Donald Trump for their lack of planning and stranding Americans. Biden’s cabal claim they had to follow a Taliban agreement that, in reality, allowed the US to leave — it had an escape clause. Biden could have left any time and has violated every other initiative that Donald Trump put in place, but not this one? This is the biggest lie of all.

Watch for the truth:


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