AOC blasts Biden’s negotiating with white GOP given their ‘structural racism’


New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is opposed to Joe Biden’s message of “unity” and strongly rejects the bipartisan infrastructure deal negotiated between the Biden administration and the Republican senators. She hates the deal and the idea of it because the negotiators are not ethnic minorities. She claims it’s a form of “structural racism.”

That sounds racist. AOC is racist against white people.

As an aside, the fact is that, as it happens, Biden double-crossed the Republicans and now insists another non-negotiated multi-trillion dollar bill pass at the same time.

On Thursday, President Biden was joined by 21 Senators – 11 Republicans and ten Democrats – to unveil the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework, which is estimated to cost $1.2 trillion. He was joined in front of the White House by Sens. Kyrsten Sinema, Mitt Romney, Joe Manchin, and other lawmakers from both parties, reported CNBC.

Announcing the deal, Biden said: “We have a deal… We made serious compromises on both ends.”

“They have my word. I’ll stick with what we’ve proposed, and they’ve given me their word as well,” he said. “None of us got all that we wanted. I didn’t get all that I wanted. But this reminds me of the days we used to get an awful lot done up in the United States Congress.”

“The diversity of this ‘bipartisan coalition’ pretty perfectly conveys which communities get centered and which get left behind when leaders prioritize bipartisan dealmaking over inclusive lawmaking (which prioritizes delivering the most impact possible for the most people),” tweeted communista AOC following the deal.

“This is why a bipartisan pkg alone isn’t acceptable,” Ocasio-Cortez added. “The exclusion & denial of our communities is what DC bipartisan deals require. That’s how you get GOP on board: don’t do much/any for the working class & low income,or women, or poc communities, or unions, etc. We must do more.” [sic]

Ocasio-Cortez argued that deals made with the Republicans are based on neglecting historically disadvantaged communities, stating, “For many communities, their [sic] not having a seat at the table is a precondition for bipartisan deals to work in the 1st place. & that’s not only seen as normal but valued.”

What she means by diversity is ‘no whites.’


It’s a trillion-dollar infrastructure plan to fund unions and blue locales that won’t take care of their own infrastructure.

Apparently, she didn’t understand that Biden pulled a fast one and the Obama cabal that pulls Biden’s strings plans to push through the human/socialist infrastructure at the same time as this bill. Perhaps she did understand but just wants everything done in a totalitarian manner.


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