Arthur Cooke, Murdered In NYC, for Apparently No Reason


This is yet another horrific New York City crime story. Arthur Cooke was a 45-year-old man who went to prison for a series of crimes in 2009. He got out in 2013 and became a caseworker, reportedly turning his life around.

Cooke said he wanted to be “a part of the solution as opposed to a part of the problem.”

The late Mr. Arthur Cooke

He was employed by Exodus after meeting with staff members to find help reentering the workforce. Julio Medina, the organization’s founder and executive director, said in a statement Wednesday that Cooke’s death had left its community “devastated.”

On November 4th, about 30 -32 men on ATVs and dirt bikes in East Harlem crowded around him with one knocking his sideview mirror off. When he got out to inspect the damage, the gang of bike riders beat him to death. He didn’t immediately die.

Cooke was taken to NYC Health & Hospitals/Harlem, where he was pronounced dead Nov. 18 from blunt force trauma to his neck and spine, according to the NYPD.

The attack seemed unprovoked.

Police have still not made an arrest.


After the beatdown, a nearby homeless man jumped inside the victim’s gray Mercedes-Benz and sped off, police said. Cooke was left hospitalized for severe injuries to his neck and spine. The stolen car was later recovered on Randalls Island, but neither the attackers nor the carjacker have been arrested.

“There wasn’t an evil bone in his body,” said the victim’s friend Raphael Jefferson. “I don’t know his past, but the man he became.”

Residents in communities in Harlem, the Bronx, Washington Heights and Inwood have voiced frustrations about these bikes harassing people. Now they’ve advanced to murder.

Mayor Adams confiscated 2,000 and increased fines. That’s not working.

New York City is lawless and dangerous. The victim and the bikers were all black, something the media won’t mention. Adams continually talks about white supremacists as a major problem but they must all be gone because we never see any. Now he should start working on the other races.

We have another dead black man in New York City for no reason.

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