As Biden Dismantles the Democracy [Republic], He Will Claim GOP Are Dangerous


If you don’t agree with Joe Biden, you’re a semi-fascist and a Maga force that denies people the right to abortion and marry people they love. Meanwhile, the Biden party is the party that wants to indoctrinate children, spend wildly so the inflation nearly takes down the nation, eliminates fossil fuels, opens the borders, and allows criminal forces to take over cities. However, the Democrats want you to believe that Republicans are taking down democracy.

Tonight, the ailing Joe Biden will continue to dismantle the democracy [Republic] in a speech this evening. They have to distract the populace and convince them the other side is worse if they want to win in November

Biden’s administration met with social media nearly weekly to tell them what Americans could see and hear about Covid. That is authoritarian, and that is what tears down democracy.

They opened the border and lured people in with benefits citizens aren’t getting. They violated US law to do it and then claimed the laws weren’t working.

The decision to make everyone pay off college for mostly well-off people was, again, a unilateral decision.

Biden ruled by fiat to kill our energy sector. People aren’t investing in it, and there is nothing on the ready to take its place. They’re telling us to buy expensive EV cars and California officials just told their residents not to charge them. So you can spend $70,000 for a car to look at it.

That’s authoritarianism.

Biden said he’s going to unilaterally take away our right to protect ourselves while laying the framework for criminals to run rampant. And they are doing it without permission of the voters.

Team Biden passes bills like the Inflation Reduction Act even though it is inflationary. They’re mocking your intelligence.

As you pay taxes for wars you don’t want and bills you oppose, 87,000 more IRS agents will be there to terrorize you. This is not democracy.

As Democrats destroy every sector of society, it’s allegedly Republicans who are the problem? The only person transforming America into an authoritarian black hole are Biden and his party.

Democrats did nothing they said they stood for but you better not fight them. If you don’t own an F-15, you’re out of luck. You’d need one to fight his administration, as he said. That hubris is otherworldly.

Meanwhile, watch the incoherent individual destroying the US tell everyone Republicans are the problem. They have all the power and they are using it to destroy democracy:

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