As murders spike 50% – here is your mayor, Chicago


Shootings and murders have spiked 50% in Chicago since last year, according to police statistics released Thursday.

CPD has logged 588 murders this year through Sept. 31, while the city saw 392 murders during the same time in 2019 – a 50% increase. The city recorded 496 killings in all of 2019.

Chicago already has recorded more murders than it did in the same time in 2016 – one of the most violent years in recent memory. And the gun violence in 2020 has fallen heavily on children. Six children under 10 years old have been killed this year alone.

In 2020, Chicago police have recorded 3,110 shooting victims citywide, compared with 1,999 victims during the same time in 2019 – a 55% increase.

Here is your mayor Chicago:

The last time, she pulled a stunt like this, her census cowboy rode a horse down a major highway at top speed while poorly shod until he bled and near to death. The horse was later euthanized.

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