As War Nears, US Artillery Shells Are Running Out, Production Up 500%


This month, the Biden administration proposed an enormous $842 billion budget for the Department of Defense (DOD) as we up production of artillery shells 500%. In the latest military aid package, Biden promised a US Patriot air-defense system and over 200,000 artillery, rockets, and tank rounds.

500% Increase in Artillery Shell Production

The New York Times reported the US has sent Ukraine so many stockpiled Stinger missiles that it would take 13 years of production at recent capacity levels to replace them. Therefore, they are increasing production levels at great expense. The Times added that Raytheon, the company that helps make Javeline missile systems, said it would take five years at last year’s production rates to replace the number of missiles sent to Ukraine in the last ten months.

Expect trillions more in military spending, not to protect our borders but rather to protect Ukraine’s borders. Ours don’t matter at all to most of our politicians. Helping Ukraine isn’t the problem. War is the problem. A $32 trillion deficit is the problem. Incompetent leaders are a problem.

KYIV, UKRAINE – AUGUST 22, 2020: Military equipment and weapons parade in honor of Independence Day

Everything we sent to Ukraine has to be replaced, and we need a lot more for the wars with China and Russia. NATO announced we will send 300,000 troops to countries bordering Russia and Belarus within a month. The US is the largest contributor to NATO.

The US produces just over 14,000 rounds of 155mm ammunition every month — and Ukrainian forces have previously fired that many rounds in the span of 48 hoursThe Washington Post reported last month. US officials in January proposed a production increase of up to 90,000 rounds of 155mm ammunition each month to keep up with demand.

That will cost a lot of money. It will go to the same military complex the late president Eisenhower warned us about.

Rarely Seen Shortages Like This

The Times reported we’ve rarely seen shortages like this, and The Insider says production is up 500%.

US aid to Ukraine has depleted the country’s stockpile of ammunition. Last summer, one defense official told The Wall Street Journal that the country’s supply of 155mm rounds was “uncomfortably low.” It is “not at the level we would like to go into combat.”

Our manufacturing sector will soon be all about weaponry and ammo.

We spent a lot of money, lives, and time in Afghanistan only to surrender. We also expended a lot of ammo, adding to the problem as Ukraine burns through our ammunition, and Europe contributes only a tiny fraction.

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