Atlanta DA in Brooks case is under investigation, rushes charges against police


The Georgia Bureau of Investigation didn’t know Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard was announcing charges against Atlanta police officers in Rayshard Brooks’ shooting death. They had not even finished its independent investigation into the matter, WXIA-TV reported.

Fired Atlanta Police Department Officer Garrett Rolfe and current Officer Devin Brosnan were charged in Brooks’ death Wednesday afternoon. Rolfe, who shot Brooks, faces a felony murder charge, while Brosnan was charged with aggravated assault.

He appears to be setting up his successor for failure or trying to win the election with the felony murder charge and ten other charges against former officer Rolfe who now faces the death penalty.

Howard will likely lose in the primary. Voters don’t seem to want him in office any longer.

He is also under investigation for two state charges.


Fulton County’s long-time district attorney faces two separate state investigations, WSBTV reports.

Howard came in second in the primary election for his seat on Tuesday, the worst election showing he’s had since taking office in 1997. He now advances to a runoff with Democratic challenger Fani Willis on August 11.

His potential financial crimes are very public:

Channel 2 and AJC reporters discovered that the city of Atlanta sent $250,000 to the district attorney’s office for crime prevention programs and almost 80 percent of that went into Howard’s paycheck.

Howard in May called the issue an “administrative matter” and said he expects to be exonerated.

“He does what is best for him and what the district attorney should do is what’s for the people. We see that in you stealing $195,000 from black and brown children,” Willis said.

Willis said she thinks he made the decision to fire six police officers based on politics.

“You indict police really quick when it’s good for you, but when it’s not good for you, you wait for the news to die down. Why don’t you just do what’s right when it’s right,” Willis said.

Two weeks ago, two black police officers smashed the windows of a vehicle and tasered the black college students in the vehicle. The students did not obey orders to stop during the Atlanta protests that had turned violent. The Mayor of Atlanta fired the officers and Paul Howard charged them on the grounds that they had discharged “deadly weapons.” Mentioning the races of the parties involved is important because one of the allegations made against the officers is that they participated in white supremacy culture.

The DA is a racist.

He appears to have done the same thing with Officers Rolfe and Brosnan since the investigation wasn’t even complete. It seems he was dishonest when he announced those charges as well.

He is also under investigation for sexual harassment:

A former records clerk for a Georgia district attorney claims she was axed because she broke off their longtime consensual relationship, according to a report.

Cathy Carter, a 58-year-old former clerk and paralegal for Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard, claims the married 68-year-old prosecutor committed “unprofessional, unethical and unlawful conduct” by sexually harassing her and getting intimate with her at assorted locations, including inside the district attorney’s office, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Carter made the accusation in a recently filed Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint. She worked for the district attorney’s office for nearly 15 years before her firing in June, the newspaper reports, citing personnel records.

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