Aussies told not to start conversations, could be under restrictions forever


All of Australia is in lockdown, despite only five people dying from Delta variant, a Wuhan virus variant, by July 19. Worldometer reports they have 37 deaths per million — .0037%. New York City used 3% as a measure for lockdown.

However, Australia’s top disease expert, Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding says in order to live with Delta, life will need to remain in a perpetual state of restrictions – even with 90% vaccination rates.

Communistic Australia is getting worse. NSW Chief Health Officer Dr. Kerry Chant is telling citizens to not talk with neighbors or anyone, don’t start a conversation, because they could pose a risk.

I am very surprised Australians are putting up with this.


Aussies have NO freedom:

Top doctor says even if vaccinated 90%, you have to be restricted.

He’s a masker:

One case can do it:

This protester shouted — heckled – during a presser by the Premier. He disturbed the presser for 30 minutes and is now in prison.



  1. So much for my wanting to visit the “Land Down Under” their land is now under a dictatorial lockdown. Great people with insane control freak Dingbat government. They never should have given up their inherent right to bear arms.

  2. I am very surprised also.

    These people applying these restrictions are a combination of ignorant and communist. They are unfit for office. I hope they pay a huge personal price for what they have done. But more likely is that China dominates Australia after it collapses.

  3. The tranny leading New Zealand will make it happen there next.
    Coming soon to Chiquitastan, after a debate of course. (snark)
    1000 years to flatten the curve and to rule Wokekanda.

  4. @ The Prisoner,

    We’ll need help from a higher power as regime change won’t be coming from within.
    Hussein didn’t fail at all, he succeeded beyond all expectations and El Rushbo warned about all the poison pills of apparatchiks and activist judges years ago.

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