Basement Joe, living high off the taxpayer hog


This is small potatoes compared to China, Ukraine, Kazakistan deals, but it’s worth mentioning. It’s especially so since Joe is planning to bring us back into the “light.” The Times is trying to show how Joe Biden lives so well so we don’t get the wrong idea. They don’t want us to think he benefitted from Communist Chinese Party money.

Unfortunately, the evidence proves he benefitted from China too.

The NY Times reports that [Beijing] Joe benefitted from perks not available to the common man [peasants].

This is my favorite passage from the article:

As a secure incumbent who has rarely faced serious competition during 35 years in the Senate, Mr. Biden has been able to dip into his campaign treasury to spend thousands of dollars on home landscaping and some of his Amtrak travel between Wilmington, Del., where he lives, and Washington. And the acquisition of his waterfront property a decade ago involved wealthy businessmen and campaign supporters, some of them bankers with an interest in legislation before the Senate, who bought his old house for top dollar, sold him four acres at cost, and lent him $500,000 to build his new home.

There is nothing to suggest Mr. Biden bent any rules in the sale, purchase, and financing of his homes. Rather, he appears to have benefited at times from the simple fact of who he is: a United States senator, not just “Amtrak Joe,” the train-riding everyman that the Obama-Biden campaign has deployed to rally middle-class voters…

These are good too:

…Mr. Biden’s campaign said the payments to tree trimmers and lawn services, typically totaling a few thousand dollars a year, were permissible because they were tied to political events at his home. …

…Beyond landscaping costs, one of the Biden campaign’s largest regular expenditures is for Amtrak tickets for the senator and his aides or consultants. Going back to 2001, those expenses typically ranged from $9,000 to $15,000 a year — , far exceeding that of his colleagues in Delaware’s Congressional delegation, whose campaigns spent between $500 and $3,000, federal election records show. Like Mr. Biden, Delaware’s other senator, Thomas R. Carper, and Representative Michael N. Castle commute daily to Washington, their offices said…

…The Biden campaign’s Amtrak expenses have remained high even in years without elections when he was not actively campaigning, and his committee retained a handful of part-time staff members and almost no consultants. In 2003, for instance, — after he had just easily won re-election to another six-year term, — his committee spent $10,874 on Amtrak tickets; that same year, the campaigns of Senator Carper and Representative Castle spent $1,257 and $589, respectively.

The NYT also reviewed his lavish home purchases but we already went over that: BIDEN BOUGHT A MANSION IN HIS TWENTIES, HE HAS MORE MANSIONS NOW

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Seconda donna
Seconda donna
3 years ago

Ah yes, back in 2008 when the MSM was spinning Obama as untouchably holy, so even his VP partner had to have some blemishes applied to amplify the effect.

Other than during Dem primaries, you don’t see such negative-gossip articles too much.

Rescue of Dance With Wolves
Rescue of Dance With Wolves
3 years ago

Gropey Joe is like that mob boss who did a Hollywood style acting job of a doofus when he was a criminal mastermind the whole time.
Groper is no mastermind but his handlers are distorted lens fanatics with a burning hatred of America and Americans.
Dreams of the Republic’s Destruction is all that they have in their small mediocre minds.