Batsh** Crazy! Biden admin might cancel ‘all of these pipelines’


The government has now set the precedent that normal life is a privilege they allow us to have, something that can be withdrawn at any moment, under any justification, with the expectation of nothing in return but grovelling obedience and vitriolic repudiation of any dissenters.”

~ Prison Planet

Joe Biden is very concerned about jobs disappearing but he’s the one killing them. In addition to inviting illegal aliens into the country to take American jobs, he’s destroying tens of thousands of jobs with his dictatorial assault on oil and gas.


All this man does is kill jobs.


Democrat Govenor Gretchen Whitmer wants to cancel the Great Lakes oil pipeline for a bogus environmental concern she pulled out of thin are.

A reporter at Thursday’s press briefing asked Psaki whether the White House had the same plans for the Great Lakes oil pipeline that they do for the Keystone, not to mention a number of other pipeline projects.

“A number are under review,” Psaki said. “All of these pipelines are a part of what our team is looking at and assessing.”

Pipelines are the safest way to transport oil, but if they don’t have pipelines, Bidenista, Warren Buffet gets the contracts.

They are also destroying capitalism, probably by design. One Twitter users said: Everybody who’s able will be working from home cuz they won’t be able to afford ..This is Batshit crazy.

Eloquently put!




  1. I know a realtor who has already suffered because of Joe Obiden’s hatred for our proven sustainable energy independence by losing several clients who work in the energy industry and are justifiably afraid for their jobs.

    • The Democrats, Schumer, Pelosi the entirre Biden Administration, do not support or protect and defend our Cosntitution. They do not think they answer to it or any of our Laws! They are not American.They are leadin theI nsurrection and destruction of our Republic. They have no honor! They deserve by our Constitution to be arrested and charged with Treason and Insurrection! Americans Honorable Citizens/Patriots demand it!

  2. It’s almost like Traitor Joe is doing everything he can to cause insurrection. I just don’t see where in the Constitution that a President has the power of a King without any State Governor input. And why does the Government own so much land? The Federal Government should be renting property from the States or Property owners. People institute Government to better their lives. not to put them out of work and on a bread line of the welfare roles.

  3. It’s sabotage of the nation. It seems that the leftist courts will allow it all. The US stands up for itself now, or never.

  4. Crazy idiots. Buffett will love it. I suppose they will use wind and solar? SOBs cannot wait to destroy America.

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