Becky Pringle: “We Must Win All the Things” for Democracy”


“We are the NEA,” said NEA President Becky Pringle in Philadelphia three days ago to an audience of 7,000. She concluded her speech by screaming. “We must win all the things, all the things, all the things. Our colleagues are depending on us to win all the things. We won’t go back, NEA. We have to win all the things. Keep going, NEA. To preserve our democracy, we must win all the things…” says the NEA President.

Democracy for the Left is Marxism, including wealth redistribution and social justice.

The crowd was jazzed. They love her not only for her linguistic abilities but also for her message. In case you don’t get it, they must win “all the things.” She’s referencing the elections, the presidency, Senate, House, and down ballots.

Our educational system has been taken over.

Our tax dollars are going to promote the radical Democrat campaign, and the curriculum she espouses is Marxist.

Here’s the full video, and it doesn’t get better. She’s clearly a communist in charge of a national education association.

Is the communist below a product of our school system? It would seem so.

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