Bernie Kerik says explosive election info coming soon


The former New York City police commissioner Bernard Kerik predicts people who believe the election was stolen will be vindicated soon. He said there were a number of investigations in Georgia and in a primary in Fulton County that will reveal the truth.

He predicts that “the next three or four weeks is going to be explosive. And I think it’s basically going to come back and vindicate everything the President and Rudy Giuliani, and I have been saying for the last six months.  The election was stolen.”

He believes that the Republican legislators didn’t do their job by allowing the certification of the election.

The Georgia Secretary of State allowed the certification with 174 batches of ballots missing, that’s 17,400 ballots, from the Fulton County count, he says.

They say they didn’t know but Kerik says, “They had to know.” The ballots could have put Donald Trump over the edge to win Georgia, he insists.

“But there’s a lot more coming and it’s going to come out through these investigations.  There’s subpoenas being issued.  There’s depositions being taken.  I think you’re going to see some explosive material in the next two or three weeks…”

Kerik started talking about Vernon Jones’s role and said Jones will visit the border soon. He said the Biden administration is bussing masses of illegal aliens into Georgia and they are contributing to most of the recent crime wave.


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