Bernie Sanders endorses Portland Antifa candidate for mayor


Bernie Sanders endorsed Portland mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone, who is a strong supporter of Antifa. Bernie [a communist] is hoping to become Labor Secretary or run our finances in the Senate if sleepy Joe wins and the Senate turns to the Democrats.

Sanders, who calls himself a Democratic Socialist but is a communist, endorsed her Thursday on the same day hard-left Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty announced her backing of the communist Iannarone.

The former presidential hopeful and current U.S. senator from Vermont also endorsed Chloe Eudaly in her Portland City Commissioner race since she is the further left candidate.

“In every corner of the country, strong progressives are running at the state and local level to represent our movement and lead the fight to transform this country. These races are incredibly important — that’s why I am endorsing progressive, down-ballot candidates across the country. If you can, I hope you’ll cast your ballot for them when you vote,” Sanders’ statement said.

Iannarone released this official statement:

“Thank you, Senator Sanders. Bernie sees a progressive running to challenge the status quo, and he wants to help. I am proud to receive his endorsement. I’m excited to work on behalf of the 99% to hold big corporations accountable and to fight for health care for all Portlanders and everyone across the country.”

Iannarone is a communist.

She posted a write-in ballot for violent communist dictators she loves:

Here she is at a fair in her communist dictator skirt:

Iannarone said the police cause the violence, and Antifa is in it to keep us safe:

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13 Crimson Ghosts
13 Crimson Ghosts
3 years ago

Where is her clown suit? I’m getting my XXXL CCCP hockey jersey with hammer and sickle and clown wig ready for halloweenie. No, there isn’t any name on the back of the jersey.
We’ll see what happens at the bookstore as commie the clown.