Bernie Sanders expects Joe Biden to show up for the debate


Presidential candidate and communist Bernie Sanders will not drop out despite his recent disappointing primary losses. Not only will he stay in the race, but he expects his “friend” Joe Biden to get his butt to the debate on Sunday. This comment comes after top Democrat Jim Clyburn called for an end to debates. Obviously, Clyburn knows Biden has a serious language disability — his brain doesn’t connect to his mouth.

Bernie will support Biden when it comes down to it, but for now, he won’t cave and is looking forward to the debate. This could certainly give Sanders a big boost. The debate is Sunday night.

Bernie Sanders is dishonest but he gives the impression he is trustworthy. His communist ideology — he calls it Democratic socialism — is crazy, but he is in possession of his faculties and his speech. He can handle a challenging schedule. Does anyone believe Biden can out-debate Bernie? One question we have is will Biden move even further left in the debate?

Bernie Bros, who now call themselves Bernie’s Warriors, are trying to clean up their act. They are trending right now and this video was on the thread. It’s interesting.

This is more interesting. Tapper knows Biden is “not always sure on his feet.” He claims we only saw a “glimmer” of that. It’s actually amazing he mentioned it at all.

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