Biden and Harvard Plan to Defy SCOTUS with End-Runs


On Thursday, Joe Biden expressed his disappointment over the Affirmative Action ruling. He claimed the country “cannot let this decision be the last word.”

“While the court can render a decision, it cannot change what America stands for,” he said from the White House.

Since when isn’t the Supreme Court the last word on the Constitution?

Joe Biden is becoming a dictator with the help of the people behind the curtain.

On Friday, Biden said payment requirements for student loans would resume in coming weeks, but that he would work under the authority of the Higher Education Act to begin a new program designed to ease borrowers’ threat of default if they fall behind over the next year.

He won’t go through Congress and will continue to give taxpayer money to this voting bloc.

Harvard plans to use application essays to continue their racist admission policies. They think they found a loophole that allows them to unabashedly use applicants’ essays “of how race affected his or her life, be it through discrimination, inspiration, or otherwise.”.

More than 70% of Americans want affirmative action ended.

That isn’t what the opinion allows. Harvard needs to read the opinion. They thought of that and it is not a loophole.

“At the same time, as all parties agree, nothing in this opinion should be construed as prohibiting universities from considering an applicant’s discussion of how race affected his or her life, be it through discrimination, inspiration, or otherwise…

“But despite the dissent’s assertion to the contrary, universities may not simply establish through application essays or other means the regime we hold unlawful today.

“What cannot be done directly, cannot be done indirectly. The Constitution deals with substance, not shadows”…”


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