Biden Lies After Devastating Report on Afghanistan Surrender


The UN Security Council report on the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan reports that several Taliban leaders are notorious al-Qaida operatives. Biden has repeatedly said we wiped out al-Qaida when the reality is they became one with the Taliban. The Taliban also rule under the guidance of the most dangerous terror state in the world – Iran.

The Taliban has put al-Qaida leaders in their government and operate with guidance and funds from Iran. Yet, Joe Biden continues to lie about it.

Biden repeated the lie today. He must be impeached. This is insanity.

The UN thoroughly researched the information and held numerous interviews with U.S. military. It’s only one of several reports saying the exact same thing.

The report cites bureaucratic inertia and lack of foresight as factors in the horrific withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The UN strongly condemns the U.S. government’s handling of the evacuation. The final analysis blames President Biden and former President Donald Trump for failing to understand the Afghanistan government’s fragile nature and the repercussions.

The standard rotation of diplomatic personnel in the summer put inexperienced people in charge of the operations.

That was considered an absurdly ridiculous move, but they did it anyway.

Taliban August 17 2021

The U.N. Analytical Support and Sanctions Monitoring Team said in its June report that “two provincial governors of the Taliban de facto administration,” Qari Ehsanullah Baryal and Hafiz Muhammad Agha Hakeem, “are affiliated with al-Qaeda.” The team added that “another Talib associated with al-Qaeda,” Taj Mir Jawad, is the “Deputy Director of the General Directorate of Intelligence.”

Taj Mir Jawad was the former head of the so-called “Kabul Network,” an Al-Qaida-Taliban force that directed suicide assaults against the United States and other coalition targets.

Guided by Iran

According to the U.S. military, Qari Baryal is an “al Qaeda-associated Taliban leader.” Baryal regularly received cash from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps – Qods Force. It was to aid him in executing his attacks.

According to the NGIC report, as of October 2012, a “Taliban fighter Amanullah . . . is currently living in Tehran, Iran (IRN)” and “is working as a financial liaison officer between IRN and the Taliban.”

“Iranian Government funnels money through Amanullah to support the TB’s [Taliban’s] fight against U.S. forces in AFG [Afghanistan,” the report noted. The UN report states that Baryal received funds directly from Amanullah to fuel attacks in and around Kabul.

Iran’s Qods Force supported the Taliban through its Ansar Corps, assigned to direct military and political operations inside Afghanistan.

Iran is the terror state that Democrats seem to like.

The FBI also describes Sirajuddin Haqqani, a Taliban deputy prime minister and the leader of the Taliban government’s powerful interior ministry, as “a senior leader of the Haqqani network” who “maintains close ties to the Taliban and al Qaeda.”

The U.N. said Sirajuddin’s ministry “continued its distribution of Afghan passports and tazkiras (national identity cards) to al-Qaeda members with advisory roles in main Afghan cities.”

Historic Errors

Taliban primitives never intended to follow through on the Doha Agreement.

We knew that as soon as we left, the Taliban would torture and kill people who helped us. We knew that the planes leaving were filled with people the Taliban approved.

Who can forget General MacKenzie saying the Taliban were good business partners. The Taliban trained and operated with U.S. equipment Biden left behind.

According to a 43-page federal audit, the Taliban trains and operates using US military equipment – rifles, trucks, helmets, night goggles, and more.

Biden left billions in US high-tech military equipment. He also left tens of thousands of civilians in Afghanistan.

Biden doled out money to them and still does.

By the way, our borders are wide open. Additionally Biden has okayed free entry for any Afghan.

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