Biden announces his big socialist giveaway — it’s Obama’s Life of Julia


Democrats are giving away a fortune in money we don’t have. The administration will give 39 million households, including most U.S. children, stimulus dollars.

Families who qualify will receive monthly payments from the Internal Revenue Service around the 15th of every month for the rest of the year, the Washington Post reported: $300 for children under six and $250 for children older than six.

Eighty-eight percent of all U.S. kids will receive the benefit according to Biden administration officials estimations, and 80% of that population will receive the payments directly through direct deposit, WaPo reported.

Everyone else gets to pay for it, although we will all pay when the value of the dollar goes down.

The credit will recede for an individual who has an adjusted gross income of over $75,000 or couples with an adjusted gross income of over $150,000.

There is no cap on child tax credits for an eligible family.

Illegal aliens are eligible, of course.


There is no reason for this except to seduce people into voting for them and to exercise control over the population, making them dependent on the government. It is completely irresponsible.

Biden also announced his new plan on April 29 to provide tax-payer funded universal pre-school to all 3-year-old and 4-year-old children. It will serve about 5 million children.

“The President’s plan will invest in tuition-free community college and teacher scholarships to support those who wish to earn a bachelor’s degree or other credentials that support their work as an educator or their work to become an early childhood educator,” the White House said in a fact sheet in late April.

Biden’s plan would invest $200 billion in the free universal preschool, including children from affluent families, the New York Times reported.

This gives the government the opportunity to raise everyone’s children and indoctrinate them. This is Obama’s Life of Julia plan. His vision is for the government to take over a child’s life from birth to death. It leaves out freedom and free choice.

Marxist Obama behind this. Remember the ad for The Life of Julia? It didn’t go over well so he ditched it, but that is what this is about.

Check it out:

This is socialism and wealth redistribution. With the debt we have, this is criminal. These Democrats are thieves, stealing from hard-working people to pay off everyone else.

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