Biden kneels to honor a violent communist organization


What is the President doing kneeling down in honor of a violent, communist organization — Black Lives Matter — that pushes communist social justice?

If it’s pandering, it’s the worst kind. He is conveying the message that BLM sends, which is an anti-family-capitalism-police and pro-violence message.

The Story

On Monday, President Biden got down on one knee for a photo-op when he welcomed the WNBA champion Seattle Storm to the White House.

Biden’s kneel was a symbolic gesture in support of Black Lives Matter. It was noticed by BLM leader Latasha Brown. Yahoo News reported she “said the president’s possible gesture was admirable, but ‘we cannot just have symbolic progress.’” She said of Biden, “Where is that kind of passion and energy and commitment to voting rights? Because I’m not seeing him actually be able to say that he’s willing to do that.”

The voting rights she is talking about is corrupting voting rights via HR1/S1 and The John Lewis Voting Act, which was just pushed through the House.

The Washington Post reported in August 2020, “WNBA players are among the first athletes to wear warm-up shirts with social justice messaging affirming Black Lives Matter, hold media blackouts and even kneel during the national anthem.”

They’re communists and Biden kneels before them.

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