Biden nominates RINO Jeff Flake as ambassador to Turkey


President Joe Biden nominated former Sen. Jeff Flake to be U.S. ambassador to Turkey, the Arizona RINO announced on Tuesday.

Erdogan and Flake should get along just fine although we would have preferred if Biden sent him to Afghanistan.

“Given the strategic importance of the United States’ relationship with our long-time NATO Ally, the Republic of Turkey, I am honored and humbled by the trust President Biden has placed in me with this ambassadorial nomination…,” Flake said.

Isn’t it time for him to become a Democrat officially?

Flake is a Trump hater and he did endorse daft Uncle Joe for the presidency. He’s earned his trip to Turkey.

Turkey’s dictator Erdogan is tight with Russia and his trolley doesn’t always stay on the track. They should get along well.

When Flake left the Senate, in his farewell address, the sanctimonious blatherskite appeared to suggest the President and his followers are authoritarians and tyranny is coming to the USA. He’s not terribly bright.

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