Biden says execution of right-wing protester ‘should meet legal requirements’


In this clip from Tucker’s show, Biden misportrays the events surrounding the execution of Aaron Danielson. Worse than that is Biden’s only response to the death of Aaron Danielson is the handling of the murder “should meet legal requirements.”

What kind of answer is that? He clearly doesn’t want to offend his base which includes antifa and BLM.

Mr. Danielson was walking with a partner, doing nothing but walking when he was assassinated. It was in cold blood.

Watch Tucker:

Last night on Tucker Carlson Tonight, the host pointed to the fact that the name points to Joe Biden’s fundraising page. Remarkably, it still does. Antifa, of course, is the self-described anarcho-communist movement destroying our major cities, with the help of their sister movement, Black Lives Matter.

USA Today did the fact check.

Biden’s camp denies it has anything to do with it. Biden’s digital director Rob Flaherty says it’s not hard to have a site point to another site. True, but then why not unlink it? It happened to this site and my tech got rid of it. Why aren’t they?

Flaherty tweeted: “So whoever owns is redirecting it to our website as a troll.  … The VP very obviously has/wants nothing to do with fringe groups,” Flaherty said.

Is it obvious?

If you’re looking for, Google or Bing takes you to Joe Biden’s website. Look at the address bar in the screenshot below:

Regardless of this redirect, what we can say is Joe Biden will not take on Black Lives Matter or Antifa.

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