Biden says if you get the vaccine, you can get free beer or win a million dollars


Earlier today, Biden pushed the vaccine, even talking about efforts to pay people to take the vaccine. He started his speech by taking all the credit for the vaccine that only exists because of Donald Trump’s extraordinary efforts. All Biden had to do was order the vaccines.

Black people are very reluctant to get the vaccine, far more than Trump supporters, but they have a good reason. Decades ago, Black people were used for medical experiments and they didn’t even know it.

It’s not only Black people. There are no long terms studies and it’s an experimental drug.

Meanwhile, Biden sounds like a fool telling people they can get free beer or possibly win a million dollars if they get a vaccine. He thinks we’re all children.

Tucker Carlson expressed concerns about vaccinated and non-vaccinated people being segregated at events. This is the clip he is being pilloried for since he’s not allowed to have an opinion the Left disagrees with. He trended on Twitter for a good part of the day today.

Candace Owens responded in the next segment, warning Americans in this video that we are living in a time of segregation. It’s a Jim Crow era. The Left is re-introducing the same type of propaganda, demonizing people, and discriminating under the guise of medical safety.

She said the left is discriminating against Trump supporters.

COV has been used to establish full government control under the Democrats for a Totalitarian state.

If you look at the numbers, Big Pharma is getting very rich. Some people have become billionaires and some billionaires accrued more billions.


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