President will sign an order that Americans get the vaccine first if they want it


President Trump will sign an executive order mandating that Americans receive the vaccine for the coronavirus first before any doses are shared with other countries.

As you probably know, Senile Joe’s adviser Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel wants to give the vaccine to people in foreign nations before certain Americans get it.

A senior administration official told The Washington Examiner that the order will “reaffirm the position the president has held his entire administration, which is to prioritize America first.”

President Trump planned to sign it at a White House summit tomorrow with pharmaceutical companies that took part in Operation Warp Speed. Word has it that two of the companies, Pfizer and Moderna, won’t come because they were insulted that the President complained about them withholding the news of the vaccine until after the election.

And yet, that is exactly what they did.

Other countries may request shipments of the vaccine only after the “needs of the American people” have been met, the administration official said. “The excess supply will either be donated, or we’ll begin to work with partnering companies and countries to make sure we have the ability to help them.”

One shipment of 250,000 doses of the vaccine that has been agreed to be exported to Canada will not be affected by the order.

The drug company Moderna announced last week that, following Pfizer, it would request that the Food and Drug Administration grant its COVID-19 vaccine emergency approval.

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2 years ago

It should mandate that all Biden supporters get it first.

The Spokesman
The Spokesman
2 years ago

Who in their right mind would take a vaccine for a 99.98% safe viral infection?!
Most are asymptomatics and they respond with cellular immunity, not a dumb, specific, narrow antibody immunity from a vaccine.
The last one caused immunoreactivity in previous animal trials and they got very sick and died, when exposed to a wild virus. BEWARE
Why not getting the 1.3 average day cure of B3(nicotinic acid) with flush at 1 gram plus per day. For pennies. It also cures any other viral infection, gives your life back in HIV, treats also TB in weeks.
Remdesivir is another scam derived from B3 niacin, but it sells at 40 times more.
Mild: Orally ingest 500mg, 2x(6 hrs apart)
More severe symptoms: Orally ingest 1gram, body temperature will drop yo 94 – 95F, approximately 8 to 14 hours after flush, then return to 97 – 98F by next day, when health is restored in most of the people. For some, might take a bit longer.
Wake up for Christ sake.
In Dec 4th, Czech Republic called it a scamdemic, opened everything, pubs, restaurants, no masks, no vaccines.
Trump should do the same and then declare martial law, use executive order 2018, the Insurrection Act and hold the ones responsible in front of a military tribunal.
If not doing so, he’s part of the script and without counting on him, we need 1776 all over again.

2 years ago
Reply to  The Spokesman

In terms of B3 as nicotinic acid, it seems like it’s curing pretty much a lot of conditions.
Doctor Dmitry Kats has some interesting studies, which of course the mainstream media and Big Pharma won’t say a word.
Too cheap and non patentable?!
Tap the link.

Nobody Does It Better by Carly Simon
Nobody Does It Better by Carly Simon
2 years ago

Dr. Savage had a poignant statement about how will history judge the petty tyrant lil’ dictators and I thought how will history judge the populace.
I never knew that at the bottom of the Constitution there was an asterisk surrounded sentence stating all of this is null and void if we get scared due to an invisible virus that is particularly hard on a segment of the population but not all.
Beijing Biden had the early Freudian Slip with the cure will be worse than the disease back in the spring and we are on what day 180 (?) of the flatten the curve bravo sierra.
I love that meme of the Trumpster shaking hands with Ronaldus Magnus and the caption that moment when the two greatest presidents met.
Ever notice how every other sentence by Trump is something great about America?
That is beautiful and we won’t be seeing it again.