Biden Suggests COV Control Will Be Gone But Not the Control


I put up the video of Biden’s economic speech yesterday and we are putting it up again. It was something to be alarmed about. He did the usual painting of bad news as good news while leaving out the vital facts.

As if it could possibly be true, he aggressively suggested that it was much worse last year.

One of the more alarming things he suggested is that they — the government tyrants — know how to control Covid and everything else with their extreme rules and regulations. Those are apparently here to stay.

Some of the things said exposed the dangerous path ahead for America. There are people behind the curtain set to topple our capitalist way of life and lie to you to keep you under control.

The transcript is available here, but we have some excerpts you should see. After ticking off a list of lies, he said:

No wonder one leading economic a- — excuse me — analyst described what we’ve accomplished in 2021 as the strongest first-year economic track record of any president in the last 50 years.

Anyone who is struggling to pay for food and gas disagrees. His comments are Soviet-level propaganda.

He followed up listing his policies that actually make things worse, claiming they would have saved us. His answer to everything is socialist wealth redistribution and hardline regulations that should terrify us.

Biden then took what he is actually doing and falsely claimed he’s opposed to it:

I’m not an economist, but I’ve been doing this a long time.  But here’s the way to look at it.  If car prices are too high right now, there are two solutions: You increase the supply of cars by making more of them, or you reduce demand for cars by making Americans poorer.  That’s the choice.

Believe it or not, there’s a lot of people in the second camp.  You’ll hear them complain that wages are rising too fast among the very middle-class and working-class people who have endured decades of stalled incomes.

Their view of the economy says the only solution to our current and future challenges is to make the working families that are the backbone in our country poorer or keep them in the state they’re in.

It’s a pessimistic vision, and I reject it.  I reject the idea that we should somehow punish people because they finally have a little more breathing room.

With his very limited intellect, he probably believes everything on that teleprompter without question.

The economy was doing so well under Trump and Democrats hope you forget or they can lie you into ignorance:

For too long, Republicans have thrown around terms like “pro-growth” and “supply-side economics” to drive an economic agenda that didn’t deliver enough growth and supplied more wealth to those who were already — were very well off.

From day one, my economic agenda has been different.  It has been about taking a fundamentally new approach to our economy — one that sees the prosperity of working families as the solution, not the problem.

There’s never been a time I can think of when the middle class and working class have done well that the wealthy haven’t done very well.

The middle class is dwindling under Biden. New reports show that the elite’s wealth now overshadows middle-class wealth.

The new normal won’t be COVID because he claimed they are controlling it during the Q&A. Therefore, one might assume the solutions of absolute government control will remain as a permanent fixture. Did anyone really doubt this is where they were going with this?

Q    Is COVID here to stay, sir?  Should Americans be prepared that COVID is here to stay?

THE PRESIDENT:  No, I don’t think COVID is here to stay. Having COVID in the environment, here and in the world, is probably here to stay.  But COVID, as we’re dealing with it now, is not here to stay.  The new normal doesn’t have to be.  We have so many more tools we’re developing and continue to develop that can contain COVID and other strains of COVID.  So I don’t believe this is that — if you take a look, we’re very different today than we were a year ago, even though we still have problems.  But 90 percent of the schools are open now.  It was 98; it’s down to 90, but — is open now — because we spent the time and the money in the Recovery Act to provide for the ability of schools to remain open.

And, you know, what we’re doing now is we talked about, you know, how we’re dealing with — with testing.  Well, you know, we have been doing now — we’ve had 300 million tests per month so far, and that’s 11 million tests a day.  In addition to that, we’ve — we’re in the process of ordering 500,000 [500 million] new tests.

And so, we’re going to be able to control this.  The new normal is not going to be what it is now.  It’s going to be better. [With GOVERNMENT, GOVERNMENT, GOVERNMENT!] Emphasis mine.


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