Biden Threatens to Stop Sending Rifles to Israel


Reportedly, the United States warned Tel Aviv that it would not send American-made rifles if they handed them out to civilians. Bidenistas saw the Israeli national security minister Itamir Ben-Gvir distributing rifles to civilian security squads after innocent people were massacred while unable to protect themselves on October 7. The report came from Haaretz.

The images purportedly showed Ben-Gvir handing out arms at political events in Bnei Brak and El’ad—both towns near Tel Aviv in which the religious right-wing dominates two towns. Biden doesn’t like the right-wing anywhere.

“I’m telling you, dear citizens: a handgun can save a family, a rifle can save an entire building,” Ben-Gvir was quoted as saying by Haaretz during at an event in southern Ashkelon city.

Biden’s Commerce Department recently halted arms sales to other countries except for Israel and Ukraine.

The US Commerce Department suspended sales of most US-made firearms for 90 days to ensure it doesn’t “undermine the country’s interests.” Whatever that means.

Biden thinks he has the right to forbid a foreign country from arming their citizens while they just experienced a massacre of 1,400 Jews and are still under threat.

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