Biden to bring in all Afghans who get to a US mission – no vetting


All Afghans who leave Afghanistan will be allowed to come without vetting. It’s open borders for Afghans, 39% of whom believe in suicide bombing according to Pew Research.

Stephen Miller explains the political motive and the bait-and-switch tactic Biden used to bring over Afghan people who never lived in the US, are not citizens, and have never helped the US. Biden cagily ignored the citizens and people who helped us. His administration took carefully selected anonymous people.

Most of these individuals are ghosts and no one knows who they are.

It gets much worse.

This is the beginning, not the end of the refugee resettlement operation. Through its foreign missions and consulates, the Biden administration will allow in an unending, open-ended way, Afghan nationals who leave the country to apply at any US mission around the globe to come to the United States.

The administration will now bypass lawful channels and allow all Afghans, mostly from Pakistan, to apply for entrance to America. And they will come — unvetted, bypassing scrutiny misusing a process called ‘parole’.

As Miller says, common sense will tell you that if you bring several provinces from Afghanistan, you will replicate Afghanistan and all the horrors that entails.


Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said that he rescued nearly 125,000 refugees. They don’t speak English so they aren’t interpreters. Early reports indicate they aren’t vetted with SIVs (special immigrant visas) and only 5% are citizens.

They all will most likely come to the United States. Several Muslim countries don’t want them because Afghans are too radical and don’t share their values as we reported earlier.

They will need the handouts of the socialist Democrats and will vote for them. In fact, most share their radical views.

Currently, they are being brought under the policy not meant for mass immigration — parole. It’s only meant for small, individual cases but socialist Democrats know how to twist the laws of our nation to suit their purposes.

The people being brought in are going to all of the swing states.

To further their cause, they will pretend any objection is about race when it clearly is not. Democrats want a permanent electoral majority and this will give it to them.



Americans don’t want open borders or unvetted refugees, but Democrat politicians don’t seem to be worried about angering the people since they no longer work for them. They work for themselves, the elites.

Currently, they are making certain they never lose another election. Laws like the John Lewis Act and HR1/S1 will protect the new corrupt voting with mail-in balloting, online voting, ballot harvesting, unsecured drop boxes everywhere, drive-by voting, no voter ID, and so on.

Those aren’t the worst changes.

The worst changes are the demographic changes they have forced on Americans for cynical political reasons. Poor people who will need handouts — socialism — are pouring through our open borders — over 200,000 a month.

It will make us all poor and destroy the entire purpose of our Founding.

Criminals and terrorists are coming as well and drugs are killing more and more Americans. China has a hand in that as well. They are happy to influence the endeavor.

The ‘refugees’ will all eventually get amnesty and citizenship, probably sooner than later, and they might vote even if they don’t. They will overwhelmingly vote for the socialist/communist Democrats.

Now we have needy refugees who are unvetted but who come from a violent, fascist country. Who do you think they will vote for?

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