Biden Touts Fighting for Ukraine’s Democracy on Our Memorial Day


Biden says “Democracy has never been good,” which leads one to believe he might like the alternative — communism. Meanwhile, he talked about fighting for that so-called democracy – Ukraine – in his Memorial Day speech. That would be the democracy that jails journalists and political party leaders.

In his Memorial Day remarks at Arlington National Cemetery, Biden argued that the Russia-Ukraine conflict demonstrates the need to continue fighting for freedom. – in Ukraine.

“In this moment… a war of aggression is once more being waged by Russia to snuff out freedom and democracy, the very culture and identity of neighboring Ukraine,” Biden said Monday. “Freedom has never been free. Democracy has always required champions. Today, in the perennial struggle for democracy and freedom, Ukraine and its people are on the front line fighting to save their nation.”

Ukraine is the 2nd most corrupt country in Europe by most standards. It’s also a WEF-Klaus Schwab-aligned nation. He is fighting for that while he takes our freedoms away.

He also said today that we don’t need 9mm handguns. That’s how much he thinks of our freedoms.

In addition, he said “Democracy has never been good” – on Memorial Day.

None of this is normal — none of it.


Full speech on this link.

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