Biden Vows to Police New Vax Fiats as Lawsuits Pour In


Joe Biden’s new vaccine mandate for large private companies comes with national police-spy enforcement. The plan is to surveil companies and fine disobedient employers into bankruptcy. We too can be Australia. (new Let’s Go, Brandon song at the end.)

The Daily Wire filed a lawsuit today against the Biden administration on behalf of their company and employees. They oppose the vaccine mandate issued by OSHA that has no more right to pass laws — calling them rules — than the CDC had a right to pass housing laws.

The attorneys general of Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee announced they would take legal action against the White House over the rule and filed a lawsuit (pdf) in a bid to challenge President Joe Biden’s rule affecting federal contractors, The Epoch Times reports.

Governor Ron DeSantis will sue the Biden Regime over the vaccine mandate for large private companies. He says it is unlawful.

“We started with 15 days to slow the spread and now it’s get jabbed or lose your job,” quipped Governor Ron DeSantis.


Ashley Moody called the vaccine requirement “unlawful” and “unconstitutional” and she says she will be filing the lawsuit against the federal government as soon as possible.

“OSHA has never used its authority like this and it’s absurd,” Moody said. “This rule requires employees to get vaccinated or be weekly tested and wear a face covering. I’ve already heard from employers that this will affect numerous employees, some up to 35 percent.”

“People are so sick of constantly being bossed around, restricted, mandated, and all of these different things,” DeSantis said from Tallahassee. “We’ve had enough of it, and we want people to be able to make their own decisions.”

Attorney General Moody relayed that some businesses told her the new policy will cost their businesses millions of dollars. Governor Ron DeSantis got a concession from OSHA earlier this week.

“Less than a week after Governor DeSantis announced Florida is suing the Biden Administration for unlawfully requiring mandatory injections for federal contractors, the Biden Administration quietly updated the guidance creating more confusion for businesses and their employees,” the governor said in a press release.

“The backtracking by the Biden administration demonstrates that Florida has been right to stand up for people’s jobs and against federal overreach,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “We are continuing to fight for Floridians. This edict from the Biden Administration is creating chaos for both workers and businesses, as well as putting livelihoods at risk. In Florida, your right to earn a living should not be contingent upon COVID shots. Federal contractors in Florida should suspend their threats of termination over the Biden mandate.”

Let’s go, Brandon (sorry about the vulgar word at the end):


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