Biden Wants $32.5 Billion in Ukraine & Covid Aid as US Inflation Soars


We are $30 trillion in debt and run trillion-dollar deficits each year. We are in danger of losing the dollar as the global currency which would make us poor overnight. Yet, Biden wants $10 billion for Ukraine that is geared for agencies beholding to the far-left.

U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration is seeking $32.5 billion in additional funding from Congress to aid Ukraine and to bolster the U.S. COVID response, U.S. media reports said on Thursday, Reuters reports.

Biden wants $10 billion in emergency military and humanitarian aid to assist Ukraine. However, it goes to various corrupt government agencies to dole out, with the bulk going to the State and Defense Department.

Those funds would help train Ukraine’s military, protect its electrical grid, boost its cyber defenses and enforce sanctions, the report said, citing two people familiar with the matter. How in the world is that appropriate as Russia is poised to take over Ukraine? They need ammo from what Zelensky said. In any case, Ukraine has to go back to being independent of Russia and the US to survive, if Russia even allows it.

Another $22.5 billion would go toward shoring up the nation’s pandemic response as part of the shift toward managing COVID-19 long-term and preparing for any potential new variants and spikes in cases, Reuters reports.

That $22.5 billion will go to wasteful, far-left projects just as the last COV bill did.


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