Biden Will Close the Border If We Give Him the Deal of the Century


On January 26, Biden vowed to use expanded authority to shut down the border if Congress would pass a so-called bipartisan deal that ties immigration security measures to Ukraine and Israel aid. Speaker Mike Johnson said it was dead on arrival if leaked reports are true.

Republicans can’t approve a bad deal because then they are codifying it.

This should be non-partisan. It was made into a case of racism under Obama, and now it’s also a humanitarian issue, only there is nothing humanitarian about it as terrorists, cartels, drugs, and child sex traffickers pour into the country unimpeded.

We never even discuss all the diseases coming in.

One Republican and two far-left Democrats negotiated a bipartisan deal that Biden and his Bidenistas like.


Allegedly, the terms of the deal are to let between 5000 and 8500 illegal aliens in a day before Border Patrol agents remove them.

As usual, Democrats promise really tough tightening on the border, which never comes to pass. We have given amnesty nine times, and they never tightened up the border.

Biden said the deal would give him as president a new “emergency authority” to shut the border down. “And if given that authority,” Biden said, “I would use it on the day I signed the bill into law.”

That’s big on him. He’s violated his oath of office and is breaking the law. He should be in prison.

More Giveaways to Give Democrats a Permanent Electoral Majority

According to the Daily Caller, the deal would include “amnesty to a ‘documented Dreamer’ class, taking care of 250,000 people whose parents replaced American workers under the deeply flawed H-1B guest worker program.” However, the numbers are in the millions, not 250,000.

Biden’s “mass parole” programs would be retained. There would be a reduction in the period asylum applicants must wait to receive work authorization and funding to provide for illegal migrants released into the United States.

The New York Times, on the other hand, reported on January 22 that a final deal… [would expand] funding for Border Patrol agents and USCIS asylum officers; amendments that “would make it harder for migrants to claim asylum”; expanded detention resources; and a process by which aliens would be removed more quickly.

The 5,000 to 8,5000 makes open borders the new normal. In addition, we let more than two million legal immigrants every year. New Immigrants vote for Democrats. It’s a power grab.

The Biden administration wants more than $100 billion in funding for foreign countries and $14 billion for the border. However, the money for the border would go for 1300 new agents to help process illegal aliens faster and 1,600 asylum officers to make decisions on the spot, as if that makes any sense. They would also add fentanyl detection machines, which he should do now anyway; he has plenty of money to bring in millions of illegal aliens but uses the welfare of Americans as leverage.

Authority to Shut the Border

I’m sure Republicans would give him that authority today if he really wanted to shut down the border. That’s a ruse. He could do it now.

Speaker Johnson wasn’t sure what the negotiators came up with, but he assured them that it would be dead on arrival if the leaked terms were in it. He said they would “not further incentivize illegal aliens to break our laws.”

Johnson wrote, “Rather than accept accountability, President Biden is now trying to blame Congress for what he himself intentionally created. ”

Laughably, Biden insists they’re doing everything they can to shut down the border.

Biden sells snow in the wintertime.


Under the Biden regime, the US is a lawless society. Criminals run free, unvetted illegal aliens wander around the country, and we pay for them, and anyone who isn’t on the Democrats’ side gets punished with extreme measures. Even if you’re not at a riot at the Capitol, you can get 22 years in prison. If you’re a leader of the opposition party, you can get fined $83 million for a ridiculous fake lawsuit that everyone knows is fraudulent.

Regarding the battle on the border, Governor Abbott is firm that he will not give in to Biden’s demands and will continue to put up razor wire and expand its use. The Border Patrol said they have no plans to take down any wire.

There was a deadline of Friday for Abbott to allow the cutting down of the wire, and so far, nothing has happened.

Meanwhile, a peaceful trucker’s convoy of about 700,000 vehicles is set to take off in two days. Many will leave from The 1607 Covenant in Virginia Beach. The media is ignoring it completely because they are corrupt.

Allegedly, the Feds are looking to make it into another J6.

This is a video of the Trucker’s Convoy in 2022 that the media ignored:

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23 days ago

This is test comment

24 days ago

How about this. If Biden closes the border now he’ll be executed in a painless fashion. Otherwise his entire family will be hung in front of him and then he’ll be boiled alive.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
25 days ago

Like a terrorist on an airplane says ; You give me what I want or I make this airplane crash.

Biden is saying ; you give me what I want or I will make the USA crash.

There is no difference.


Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
25 days ago

Suggested amendment to the title:
Biden Will Close the Border If We Give Him the Deal of the CenturySubstitute:
Lying Joe Biden Promises He Will Close the Border If We Give Him the Deal of the Century (3 minutes after reading the promise from the script he had already forgotten what he said. He was having wonderful thought about his march in Selma Alabama in (when was it again 1935?)