Biden’s Cartels Own the Border- Rep Says “Time to Send the Military”


The border is in complete chaos, vicious cartels literally control it, and Biden is beginning to end Title 42 a month in advance. A top GOP Rep. is calling for the administration to send the military to the border. That won’t happen since our administration is in bed with the cartels. That’s so Democrats can get their permanent electoral majority the corrupt way. Democrats are probably close to reaching their goal or they are already there.

Border Patrol President Brandon Judd was just on Newsmax and said that 8,000 now come in each day and many are criminals. He confirmed that cartels control the border and Biden will do nothing to stop it.

This has nothing to do with race. People coming in from Eastern Europe are very white. They are coming from 157 nations.

If we want to save our nation, we need a president who will send these people home en masse – if they can find them.

The president of the Border Patrol union told Fox reporter Bill Melugin that the Bidenistas have already stopped enforcing Title 42 on migrants from Northern Triangle countries (Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador). Instead, they are processing them under Title 8 – expedited removal, but if they claim fear, they are released with NTA (notice to appear that they ignore).

Many of the people coming are young men of fighting age.

The non-stop flow of people from all over the world who are not coming for our values and who will be beholden to the Democrat Party. Many are coming for the freebies or to commit crimes – or perhaps terrorism:


Rep. James Comer (R-KY), the House Republicans’ lead investigator, says it’s time to send active-duty military troops to the U.S. border with Mexico to shut down drug routes and curtail the reach of smuggling cartels. The “cartels control the border with startling effectiveness”, The Washington Times reports.

Comer led a group from the House Oversight and Reform Committee to the border in California and Arizona last week. They found that the chaos was worse than the year before.

He said cartels dictate border operations, sending groups of migrants to tie up Border Patrol agents and then sneaking drugs into the U.S. The cartels see everything, and they are brazen.

“We were seeing buses and Ubers pull up and letting people out. They were waiting until we left, and they were going to walk across,” Mr. Comer said.

The lawmakers watched one group of 45 people from Cuba and Uzbekistan make their way into the U.S., Mr. Comer recounted. Agents said they are also getting Syrians and Afghans and even nabbed some people from Poland.

“I don’t think that’s something the average person knows: These people are coming from all over the world,” Mr. Comer said.

Last month alone, 221,303 illegal aliens crossed, not counting the gotaways.

Nearly 90,000 came from beyond the traditional sending countries of Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. BP caught 15,000 Colombians, 16,000 Nicaraguans, and 32,000 Cubans.

Comer said the Cubans say they are LGBTQ and they are allowed to stroll right in and then they’re gone, somewhere into the interior as alleged asylum seekers.

It’s a fraud perpetrated by the Democrats.

Agents are overwhelmed and told Comer they spend more than half their time on administrivia or providing caretaking for the migrants in custody.


Forty-two terrorists were caught. How many are not?

That leaves much of the border uncovered.

“Under President Biden, he has turned the Border Patrol into the welcoming committee for anybody who wants to come to the United States, for any reason,” Mr. Comer said.

Besides the drugs, look at the evil we inflict on the children. So many end up as sex slaves. Biden and the new Democrats are making us into evil people with no soul or concern for these little ones.

DHS prints out guides on how to swim across the river.

Drugs are pouring in and Biden facilitates that. This administration is evil.

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1 year ago

The Governors need to call in their National Guards wot close the border and arrest Biden’s Cartel big boys who are bringing in weapons, drugs, thugs, and white slave traders. Biden, Harris, and Pelosi all need to be arrested and sent to Guantanamo

1 year ago

Joe Biden, Obama’s Lackey will be known as the un-elected communist stooge who destroyed America