Biden’s DHS might trash Green Card question about gang membership


Who comes up with this garbage?

Homeland Security is moving to cut questions about gang affiliation from the application migrants file to get green cards, The Washington Times reported.

Rob Law, a former chief of policy and strategy at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, revealed the planned changes Thursday, saying it appears to be part of the Biden team’s attempt at erasing the get-tough approach of the previous administration, the Times reports.

“The biggest beneficiaries of that ‘compassion’ are apparently the most violent and dangerous aliens in the country,” said Mr. Law, who is now at the Center for Immigration Studies.

This concerns the I-485 form, the first step to becoming a lawful citizen. Apparently, Joe doesn’t see them as a problem, just white supremacists. They’re the only problem.

In the Trump years, questions were added asking applicants if they are, or ever were, part of a criminal association — i.e., a gang.

Well, no more.

I know a guy whose family came from Greece 40 or so years ago.

He has a friend (not family) with a Ph.D. in economics, still in Greece who can’t get his foot in the door to immigrate to the USA.

He has been trying for over 20 years yet we let these dirtbags have a box to check (not that they would) disclosing previous gang-related activities. Now they won’t even have the box.

This reminds me of Hillary Clinton who said in 2016 that joining a gang is like having a ‘family.’ We need ‘positive gangs’ she said.

That’ll work.

She’s a one-woman wrecking ball who thinks she is really coming up with solutions! This is the lunatic ideology running the country.


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