Biden’s Fist-Bump Trip Ends with Saudi FM Indicating Biden Lied


As readers know, Joe Biden went to Saudi Arabia to beg Prince Mohammed bin Salman for oil and returned empty-handed. He also appears to have ended the trip lying about what he said to the Saudi Prince.

Joe Biden panders to MBS

After he went to the trouble of going to Saudi Arabia, the Prince announced later that they were operating at capacity. He should have also known that was the case since French President Macron told Biden at the end of June that they were at capacity.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman, also known as MBS, has listened to Biden’s humiliating request and has ‘rejected’ it, according to a Fox News report. MBS delivered the stunning rejection on Saturday, even after the famous fist-bump pandering.

“We ended yesterday here in Saudi Arabia listening to the president talk about how he had a productive conversation with the Saudi crown prince and that within the next couple of weeks, gas prices were going to start to come down in the United States because of something that he agreed to privately with Mohamed bin Salman,” Fox News’ Peter Doocy said. “But MBS then comes out today, steps up to the mic to say that the Saudis ’ capacity, the maximum capacity right now — which is about 12 million barrels — can only go up a little bit more, if at all…”

“The kingdom will play its role in this era as it attempts to increase the maximum sustainable capacity to more than 13 million barrels,” MBS said. “Beyond that, the kingdom will not have any further production capacity.”

Biden’s fist-bump with MBS came after telling the world he’d make him a pariah.

When a reporter asked if Saudi Arabia is “still a pariah,” MBS smiled, although both ignored the question.

When Biden returned from his failed mission, a reporter asked about the “fire” that ensued from the fist-bump. Biden tried to rescue his humiliating experience by bragging about how he warned MBS that a murder like that of [jihadist] Khashoggi better not happen again.


Biden on Sunday “disputed claims by Saudi Arabia’s state minister for foreign affairs that he did not confront the crown prince about Khashoggi’s murder,” National Review reported.

The president indicated that the Saudi foreign minister was not telling the truth. Days before, Biden claimed that he told the crown prince he believed he was responsible for Khashoggi’s murder.

“I indicated I thought he was,” Biden said on Friday. “He said he was not personally responsible for it and took action against those responsible.”

In 2019, Biden said it was “flat-out murder” and Saudi Arabia needed to “be held accountable.”

The Washington Post contradicted Biden’s narrative that he had confronted MBS since his senior aides had decided that coaxing Saudi Arabia into producing more oil was more important than making it a true ‘pariah’ state.

Thus, the Saudis argue that fist-bump Biden is lying, and White House sources suggest the president is lying.

Since everything that comes from Biden’s mouth is a lie, I believe the Saudis. What say you?

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Ronald Harms
Ronald Harms
1 year ago

Biden gets face punched! End of story

Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

Throughout his otherwise grifting swindling career he engaged against and with others, Joe Biden is a known longtime compulsive chronic liar who typically as other liars do, lies to elevate himself, to pretend he’s a ‘hero’, to cover up his criminal activities, and to act as king while never being a soldier in the first place. Joe Biden is the epitome of being society’s lowlife and vulgar reprobate.

1 year ago

Without American Oil, the Global Economy is headed for a long Depression. For America, the way out of this is opening up all fossil fuel production. Then, immediately start construction on at least 500 Nuclear Power Plants over the next 10 years and the rebuilding and reorganizing of the Nation’s Power Grid. The Power Grid needs to be far more Decentralized so that a collapse in one region doesn’t cascade into another. Long term, we need Nuclear Fusion Research so we can replace the Fission Reactors in 50 years.

The Morons in Government today aren’t capable of this kind of long term, America First, thinking! We need them out of Government NOW!

Ronald Harms
Ronald Harms
1 year ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

If not America First . . we’ll have no America at all. It’s a globalist’s dream come true.