Biden’s Government: Is Musk’s Purchase of Twitter a National Security Risk?


Elon Musk is trying to buy Twitter and that has Merrick Garland and the rest of the Democrats so upset that agency after agency have launched an investigation. Musk wants to bring back free speech.

He recentlyy said he might fire 75% of his employees. Perhaps it’s because the employees don’t work very hard as he has said in the past. The government sees the dismissals as a national security risk, but the employees did say they were going to quit in droves. They should be happy as they collect their severance.

Musk said he plans to slash a lot of this [WOKE] workforce. Therefore, the DOJ and other agencies are looking to investigate. The out of control government is looking at a CFIUS review. Yahoo wonders what this will do to Tesla.

Yahoo states:

Biden administration officials are discussing whether his deal should be subject to US national security reviews, including Twitter and SpaceX’s Starlink satellite network. Now, according to Bloomberg, one way to do so would be through the law governing the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States under the Treasury Department.

If Elon Musk gets rid of some WOKEs in his private business and tries to restore some measure of free speech, these agencies plan to go after him for national security issues. Biden has the craziest incompetents running our national security. They shouldn’t have no right to review anyone.

The borders are open and any enemy can sneak in. Bidenistas are destroying our energy industry and driving up inflation, but that’s not a national security issue??? Why don’t they review that?

Musk hasn’t even raised the necessary financing yet to buy Twitter in four days. Could there be pressure for investors to not invest?

Musk might have to use some Tesla stock.

No Good Deed

Musk is funding Ukraine’s Starlink for free but he wanted the government to take it over. He got nothing but grief so he said he’d continue funding it. Now, Yahoo interviewees are condemning him for that.

The national security risks are on our border. They’re not coming from Elon Musk although Dave Bruggs and Pras Subramanian differ on that.


DAVE BRIGGS: And you’re talking about things mixing together. I mean, Elon can’t stay out of international issues. And this appears to be by design. I mean, he is funding the Starlink internet there in the Ukraine and said at one point, he wants the US government to do it. But now he’s going to continue to fund it at $20 million a month. Just yesterday, he retweeted a Russian national security– Security Council expert Dmitry Medvedev, who had trolled Liz Truss.

So he can’t help himself in staying out of these things.

The interviewees are pretending Musk will restrict free speech:

PRAS SUBRAMANIAN: Yeah, I mean, he’s sort of taking the viewpoint of, I’m from the California, Silicon Valley. I know how to fix these things. We can do this better than how Twitter and current management is doing that right now.

One thing I want to note about the CFIUS stuff is– I was talking to Akiko about this. You have the kind of like– let’s say China cracks down on free speech on Twitter, and Elon says, I want to do that. What about your next Chinese factory, you know? Are they going to then step on him on Tesla in order to get him to act on Twitter? So he’s got his hands everywhere, but that can be a problem with regard to that sort of thing.

DAVE BRIGGS: National security concerns are obvious everywhere. Pras, thank you. Good stuff.

They just don’t want political opposition. They don’t care about the crackdown on Republicans, just non-existent national security risks. And stop calling us all conservatives like it’s an ideology. It’s just common sense and we are all one party except for the small numbers who vote with Democrats most of the time like Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski.

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