Major WOKE Banks Trying to Force UN Net-Zero Plan


New investigation! The ESG and net-zero UN bank alliance is finally being questioned. Watch the clips after reviewing the Federal Reserves new effort.


The Federal Reserve announced a “pilot exercise” for an ESG (environment, social, governance) social credit score system. It mirrors the Chinese Communist Social Credit System. It’s also focusing on the UN’s net-zero goals for every “rich” nation but not nations like China.

Six of the nation’s largest banks have agreed to participate.

What is happening is the Federal Reserve is centralizing the financial sector around a currently unachievable UN net-zero policy. All other pillars of society will necessarily fall into place. This will affect every area of our lives.

All investments will pass through the approval process set up by the Green Elites.

This isn’t about the climate. Climate change is the excuse for the technocratic movement toward a financial dictatorship. It will kill the free market, and Stakeholder Capitalism will take over. Stakeholder Capitalism allows all the money and power to rest in the hands of a small number of elites like BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street.

There is much more, but it’s becoming clearer that the World could come under a totalitarian umbrella with a social credit system controlling our lives.

Net-zero without nuclear power is insane.


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