Biden’s Revolutionary Gun Manifesto to Disarm America


“I respect the culture, the tradition, the concerns of lawful gun owners. At the same time, the Second Amendment, like all the rights, is not absolute,” Joe Biden said. Where do you even begin with that as he plans to take away our inherent right to defend ourselves by disarming us?

Democrats make the United States more dangerous with unvetted millions teaming across our borders and more and more dangerous criminals released to our streets. At the same time, Democrats made it clear yesterday that they plan to take almost all of our guns.


Suing Gun Manufacturers and Dealers Out of Existence

Yesterday, we addressed one tenet of their anti-gun manifesto which takes away the immunity protection for gun manufacturers and dealers. Without it, they could be sued and ruined simply for making or selling a gun that was used illegally.

An analogy to that would be if a husband kills his wife with a Hammers Blacksmith hammer, her family could sue Hammers Blacksmith. If a maniac runs over people in a parade with a car, they can sue the maker of the car.

Raising the Age of Ownership

Democrats want to raise the age to own a gun to 21 years. As Michael Tracey says, “At this point, why not just raise the legal age of adulthood to 21? Maybe even the voting age as well. Because the patchwork of laws governing what’s allowed at 18 vs. 21 are making less and less sense.”


Democrats want more stringent storage requirements. So, when the criminals break in, they’ve got you before you’ve got your gun.

You should know the bill does NOT have 60 votes in the Senate, but this is where they are headed.

If we lose one Amendment to our Bill of Rights, they all will fall. Democrats have been after the first two with rabid intensity for decades. In fact, they think the constitution, our law of the land, can be molded according to how they feel at any given time – not so. There’s a procedure they must follow but they’d prefer to tear it all down rather than follow any laws they dislike.

“The right to self-defense is not granted by governments. Gun rights are an extension of the Natural Right to self-defense, Kyle Becker tweeted. Exactly. And Democrats and RINOs want you to think they’re in charge of you.

The Tucker monologue last night did sum up some of the requirements well (you can watch it at the end). It’s clear Democrats are finally out in the open. They want to disarm all of their political opponents.

Highlights From Tucker’s Monologue

Democrats don’t enforce gun crimes in the cities. It’s likely because those are Democrat voters, Tucker said, adding, Biden didn’t bother to mention the gun crime against his own son for which he skated.

Politicians will not operate under the same laws they inflict on the rest of us. They get to protect their families and you get to disarm.


The new gun bill will make Glocks and many other popular guns illegal. In fact, Rep. Mondaire Jones told Congress all semi-automatic ‘weapons of war’, their popular buzzword, should be banned. If Republicans won’t do it, than they will end the filibuster or stack the Supreme Court to do it. To paraphrase, he’ll destroy the entire judiciary to disarm you.

Democrats will ban magazines. Biden wants the number of bullets a gun can hold to be drastically limited.

The way they define ghost guns could mean anything. Democrats could define it at will.

When it comes to engraving all key components of the gun, the sole judge of what’s a key component will be the US Attorney General. As Tucker said, the “craven and ruthless partisan” Merrick Garland makes the decision as to which part is essential and requires an engraved component. If he decides it’s key and it isn’t engraved you go to prison.

They will ban assault guns. An assault gun is anything they say it is, and in the minds of many of them, it’s all semi-automatics. If that isn’t an obvious attempt to disarm anyone they want, what is?

Their version of Red Flag Laws allows them to seize guns for any reason.

Nothing these people propose will stop a lunatic who gets his hand on a weapon to kill large numbers of people.

A Libertarian Twitter user posted this, and he has a point. Tucker read it towards the end of the monologue:

We would like to add to Spike’s comment. Ukrainians are selling our javelins on the black market. Rand Paul wanted some oversight since our weapons to Ukraine are sent into a black hole. Democrats refused. Well, this is one thing that happens to them:

Fight by Joining

If you don’t want to join the NRA, there is the Gun Owners of America @GunOwners and the Firearms Policy Coalition @gunpolicy or join all three.

Also, read the myths about mass shootings from someone who actually researchers it, Professor John Lott. ALL of these mass shootings occur in gun free zones, and mass shootings do occur in other countries.

The monologue:


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