Chilling: Accept Leftist Tenets and Indoctrination or Lose Funding


In a chilling move, Biden will tie federal K-College funding to all of the LGBTQIA+ tenets and causes. Under duress, Americans must accept the radical leftist ideology of the LGBTQIA movement and culture. They must accept indoctrination of their children. Congress has no power to do a thing since they are using agency rules to essentially write law.

Forget the cause for a moment. It’s not even the point. Just understand this one thing – they are making us into a fascistic nation. This isn’t a law. It’s a Biden Administration RULE! This is a fiat Americans must accept or go broke. When they use rules to usurp Congress, they are usurping you!

Democrats are close to having their one party nation thanks to the millions of New Democrats pouring across our border. Additionally, Team Biden has clearly embraced the global Great Reset to a new world order. You must accept it!

The federal government should not have control of money beyond those things the Constitution empowered them to protect.

This is a little of what they will teach your children. They will teach your children anything they want to teach them:

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