Biden’s old falsified-data attack on George W. & Marines is current again


The lawyer representing the anonymous CIA employee who blew the whistle on President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine — Andrew Bakaj — once assisted a whistleblower who worked with Joe Biden’s staff to accuse the military of failing to provide armored vehicles to the troops in Iraq, The Washington Examiner reports.

Joe Biden led that anti-Bush, anti-Marines whistleblowing initiative and he used falsified data, reports say.


The whistleblower was Franz Gayl, the year was 2007, and the claim was the military slow-walked life-saving equipment. It was disputed then and now as a smear. Democrats used the claim to attack George W. Bush, the Marines, and to hurt Republicans.

Bakaj assisted Gayl.

“Documents and emails show the Democrat-driven public accounts accusing the Marines of failing to protect their troops by delaying requests for armored vehicles between February 2005 until September 2006 were false and misleading,” the free beacon reported ten years after the fact, based on a new report.

The pressure from the Democrats was led by JOE BIDEN and he used falsified data. The D.C. Examiner also reports Erin Logan, a Biden adviser connected Gayl to USA Today on Biden’s behalf, which wrote about Gayl’s complaint and publicized the issue. Logan was promoted.

Many of the facts about the problem were “buried under an avalanche of Democratic Party criticism orchestrated,” according to the report, by Biden, free beacon reported.

No one sat on the requests for life-saving equipment. That was the bottom line.

The report that cleared up the lies stated the smear was orchestrated by Biden and the press.

“Senator Biden used Gayl and the press to smear the Marine Corps,” the report says. “Specifically, Biden saw a misleading blog (Danger Room) then organized Gayl, Danger Room and USA Today to take the misleading blog national. While organizing the press, Biden asked the Marine Corps to respond to the original blog. The Marine Corps responses disputing the blog were correct (albeit not detailed), and ignored.”

According to the free beacon, the report from Gayl “fueled Obama’s 2008 victory, which propelled Biden into the vice presidency.


Andrew Bakaj, who assisted Gayl and the current whistleblower, seeks out whistleblowers. He is the main attorney for the whistleblower who complained about the President’s Ukraine call.

The Ukraine whistleblower has ties to a 2020 Democratic candidate and he worked with Joe Biden in the White House.

Mr. Bakaj is desperate to get rid of President Trump. He has made that clear in tweets.

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