Biden’s Picks for the Bench Are Based on His New Racism


Racist Joe hires by skin color, and promotes the worst instincts in people.

Jeremy Carl of the Claremont Institute reports that Biden has already confirmed 97 judges, exceeding Donald Trump’s 85 in four years, and they are chosen primarily for their skin color or oddities. Mitch McConnell bragged about his number of appointments as one of his greatest successes. Still, he can’t hold a candle to Joe since Republicans won’t hold up appointments as Democrats did to Republicans.

Of the 97, only five are white, suggesting racism. More than sixty-four percent are people of color. Another sixty-six percent plus are women. Fifty-three percent plus are diverse. He is picking people according to color, gender, and odd beliefs.

Although only about 7% of the population, 22 black women were selected, skin color and gender helped them get to the bench.

Merit is out

Merit and achievement did not help. According to LSAT data, 29 blacks scored above 170, while more than 1900 whites scored above 170.

Biden’s picks are selected over immutable characteristics, and white men are out. The picks are all far left who will likely rule based on their political biases.

Biden won his senate seat with the help of the vile southern segregationists. Now he’s in his position with the help of Marxists. He is infiltrating every sector of society with lies about history, white people, and the United States. He is not Catholic or American. Biden is for Biden.


This is race-based hiring. It’s illegal to hire by skin color. It’s also punishment for people who never did anything to hurt black people. This is not about looking like America.

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1 year ago

You mean Obama and Rice have selected the black women.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 year ago

Leftists – white or colored – hate white males. ( well they hate the white race and everything about it, but focus the persecution mostly on white males )

and it is getting worse everyday

and since the census confirms whites are being replaced ( of course they don t say it that way ) and are becoming a minority – in their own nation – with less and less power, this will only get worse…

…for a while. probably years or decades…but eventually something will give.

Will some states secede peacefully? maybe

will there be a revolution, will the anti-white left and the right fight in the streets as the protestants and catholics fought in Ireland? will therre be a lot of civil unrest or even civil war? very possibly

all we know is that treating 60% of a population of 340 millions like third rate citizens just because other people of the same race as the 60% did a few bad things 200 years ago will eventually cause someone somewhere to react strongly.

the pressure in the cooker is mounting

1 year ago

Traitor Joe is owned by Communist.