UN Chief Warns the World of “Highest Risk in Decades of a Nuclear War”


During a speech before the 193-member UN General Assembly on Monday, United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres warned that the world is headed toward a “wider war” in Ukraine due to the ever-increasing escalation.

The UN secretary general fears the world is “sleepwalking into a wider war” in Ukraine.

“I fear the world is not sleepwalking into a wider war. I fear it is doing so with its eyes wide open,” he added, saying that war is “inflicting untold suffering on the Ukrainian people, with profound global implications.”

“We are at the highest risk in decades of a nuclear war that would start by accident or design,” Guterres said.

It is the only path NATO and Russia are on. No one is talking about peace.

According to The New York Times, Ukraine is warning that the Kremlin’s largest offensive since the war’s opening weeks is looming.

The Times added:

The Ukrainian General Staff, which is responsible for military strategy, said in its daily battlefield update that the Russians fired on some two dozen towns and villages around Bakhmut, the ruined city that has become the focal point of Moscow’s campaign to seize all of the eastern area known as Donbas.

The chances of Ukrainian forces holding onto the Bakbmut look bleaker by the day as Russian troops encircle the strategic city of Donetsk.

Donetsk Governor Pavlo Kyrylenko said Monday that the battle for the east is rapidly “heating up” as the Russian side throws “new units into the battle and eradicating our towns and villages.”

Last month, Ukrainian leaders warned their Western backers that Putin had ordered hundreds of thousands more troops to muster along the border for a major new offensive.


Guterres didn’t warn of the risk Zelensky poses. He will go rogue if he loses to bring NATO into the war.

Putin would also. For Russia’s part, Putin has said this is an existential threat and he won’t lose.

Why is Ukraine representative of the entire world or any other country? The Ukrainian vulgar comedian-turned-president said, “If Ukraine falls, it would be the start of World War III”…

Zelensky and his officials have already set up a false flag by launching a missile into Poland. They could do it again if they don’t like how the war is going. For instance, we are sending missiles that can reach Crimea.

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1 year ago

Even the UN is worried about an unstable Traitor Joe supporting Zelensky who is an even more unstable CIA Stooge. With dozens of Bio Warfare Labs in Ukraine, just what is Zelensky capable of when he starts losing bigly in 4 to 6 weeks? Tactical Nuclear Weapons kill Thousands. Biological Weapons kill Millions with the potential to kill Billions. You have to wonder what the Deep State was really up to financing so many of these labs in a completely unstable country like Ukraine. Especially with so many in the Deep State apparently being World Economic Forum Cult supporters. World Economic Forum ideology has taken over much of the US Capital Beltway Crowd and the rest seem to be Military Industrial Complex Chicken Hawks. Add to that a WOKE Military that can’t attract Patriots and we have a real problem. It looks like even the UN is worried that the US can’t bring a level of stability if the World goes to war. Translation: The US will not be able to protect Europe if the Ukraine War spreads beyond Ukraine’s Borders.