Biden’s plan to transform America, his 8 biggest ideas


The election is clearcut for those paying attention. The election is between capitalism or socialism/communism. Joe Biden makes that clear himself with his detailed plan for America. It will transform America.


Having surrounded himself with kooks and buying fully into Bernie Sanders’s plan for America, Joe has gone full socialist/communist.

We already mentioned that he plans to go after the Little Sisters of the Poor and ignore the Supreme Court ruling. He will make the Little Sisters provide — through a third-party health plan — contraceptives, and abortifacients.

That just gives you an example of what he thinks about the rule of law.

Biden’s plan for America, written with the likes of Eric Holder, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Hanoi John Kerry, and others. The basic idea is to make us all look like New York City and, eventually, not too far in the future, Rwanda.




One of the striking features of his criminal justice plan is no cash bail anywhere in the United States. That means criminals get released immediately. It is the single worst thing our incompetent Governor Cuomo has done here in New York. Gangbangers, rapists, even accused murderers get out immediately. Biden wants that for the entire country.

He will “invest” in community policing and establish a corp of unarmed first responders. Then he will put the police under the thumb of the Civil Rights Division, a far-far-left group. We won’t have police, we will have far-left drones doing the will of centralized government.


The Biden plan abolishes the suburbs that traditionally vote Republican through enforcement of the Affirmative Furthering Housing regulation in place in HUD. All funding will be cut off unless the suburbs and rural areas obey. The worst feature of the rule is they can and will abolish single-family zoning. Single family homes have been deemed racist. Say goodbye to private property.


Biden plans to bring back Obama’s insane Title IX rules that allowed for false accusations of rape against young men who were then thrown out of school without evidence or due process.


School discipline will be based on race, not behavior and you will have to send your kids to these public schools because there will be no vouchers allowing parents to send your children to private schools.


The presumptive candidate vows to go to net-zero emissions which will destroy our oil and gas industry and make us once again dependent on China and the Middle East for our energy.

He will spend trillions to retrofit buildings to lead us into the net-zero future and he plans to do the same for transportation.


Biden will use the Federal Reserve to fix the racial wage gap, and yes, we are talking communism. Bankers will decide you are paid too much based on your skin color.


The plan promises to not enforce immigration law by halting deportations, extending sanctuaries, and allowing companies to hire illegals, providing free healthcare and college for illegal aliens, and awarding amnesty and voting rights to the 22 million here illegally. By the way, they will vote for Democrats forever.

All illegal aliens will have voting rights, vote Democrat and give Democrats their permanent electoral majority.


Democrats will create an economic justice fund to spread throughout all agencies for historic investments. We are talking here about an enormous redistribution of wealth.

Biden is pushing for paid family leave, free medical, free housing, student loan forgiveness, universal health care through a public option which will destroy private insurance companies, supports the study of reparations, demands higher taxes on the wealthiest who already pay most of the taxes, will repeal right-to-work laws, plans to forgive up to 50K in student debt for public workers.

The freebies are meant to garner votes and will bankrupt us.

This is what Biden meant when he said he would transform the nation. This will destroy the United States capitalist system and make us communists.

There is so much more like constant penalization of companies.

All this and the fact that Democrats are running a senile man who will only serve as a puppet should terrify Americans. It will make us a Banana Republic.

Joe makes an appearance with bizarre chirping birds:

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2 years ago

Not only “No”….But….”Hell No!!!”….

2 years ago

Joe is just a puppet for the Leftists who are running his campaign.

herbert r richmond
2 years ago

This is a Socialist Manifesto leading towards Communism, ending freedom principles, ending capitalism, making all slaves to the State, WELCOME TO SERFDOM.

2 years ago

I can’ comment. If In did they would arrest me.

Larry Curtis
Larry Curtis
2 years ago

I thought he was more moderate than all of that. I see he is not . I don’t love some of Trumps behavior, but he will get my vote.

Too old to fall for this
Too old to fall for this
2 years ago
Reply to  Larry Curtis

Propaganda for fools. You belong front row.

10 months ago
Reply to  Larry Curtis

We are being herded into their communist new world order where these elite will have absolute power and absolute control over us, our children, and our paychecks. Just like with Cuba.

Trump is the ONLY person ever in our White House or government that took up for himself and stood for that which is right. And, NO OTHER personality could stand up to them and not be afraid of them. This is why they hate him, they could not control him. He had to fight them with the only language that they understood, and do it just as hard as they did to him. They FORCED him to take up for himself and it was THEY who instigated it, and it was THEY who committed to an out and out character assassination on him continuously for five long years, EVERY DAY, day in and day out, and are still ganging up on him with the media, Hollywood, in the Senate, in the House, in the White House, anywhere they can. They hate him because he was honest with them when he gave them notice that he was going to drain their corrupt treasonous swamp that they established into a dirty dangerous mafia for 70 decades inside the hallowed halls of our government’s highest offices. You can’t fight with mamby pamby surrender to them, you have to fight the only way that they are capable to understand, and just as hard or harder. And, that is what Trump did and is still doing. He’s doing because he loves our country and he knows that the democrats are committed to destroying it. If we aren’t as committed to saving it, they are in the process of taking it from us, and Trump knows this. He calls them out in the only language that they are capable to comprehend. Nobody else fights back like Trump does. And God bless him.