Biden’s progressive OMB director is “deranged and dangerous”


Neera Tanden, a Clinton-Soros loyalist, is Biden’s handlers’ pick for OMB director. She will be the most progressive OMB director ever, as some of her allies have stated.

She heads up the wacky Center for American Progress (CAP) which has taken millions from Wall Street, despots in the Middle East, Silicon Valley, big banks, foreign governments, defense contractors, and the health care industrial complex. Those are all the people who sold out the American worker.

CAP removed a chapter from one report on Islamic violence that was critical of Bloomberg’s time as New York mayor. That was after he donated millions to them. He is still listed as a donor.

Tanden deleted over 1100 tweets trashing Republican senators since they are the ones who will approve her rise to OMB director.

She is a conspiracy theorist and a liar who pushed the Russia hoax. She’s unqualified and not an economist.  Glenn Greenwald called her “deranged and dangerous.”

As a person, she is despicable. On one occasion, she outed a woman who was sexually harassed by one of her male employees. She did it out of revenge. At another time, she punched a reporter who dared ask her a question she didn’t like – check it out in the clip below.

As we destroyed Libya, she suggested we steal their oil. What a peach.


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