Biden’s Visit to E. Palestine a Year too Late Is a “Train Wreck”


President Joe Biden on Friday surveyed the federal cleanup in East Palestine, Ohio, more than a year after an explosive fire from a derailed train carrying hazardous chemicals. The plume from the chemicals was frightening and poisonous.

East Palestine slow-burn

At the time, Mika said on Morning Joe that the White House was busy guarding the “safety of the world” as an excuse for his failure to visit East Palestine. Joy Behar insulted the victims, suggesting they got what they deserved for supporting Donald Trump for president.

Pointing the finger away from himself yesterday, Biden blamed the “greedy” railroad for the problem.

“While there are acts of God, this was an act of greed that was 100% preventable,” Biden said. “Let me say it again: an act of greed that was 100% preventable.”

The plume was caused by the slow-burn which might have caused the problems. The railroad officials did that on the advice of the government experts. Slow-burns are commonly used.

After the tragedy, Biden praised the town for its “herculean efforts” and pledged to continue supporting residents.

Addressing residents, Biden said he wanted them to understand “that we’re not going home, no matter what, until this job is done, and it’s not done yet,” referring to the federal government.

The AP noted he did not explain why he didn’t come sooner, but Biden said he was waiting for the right moment.

Biden falsely told the residents of East Palestine that his people were on the ground within hours. He must have mistaken Donald Trump for his administration, or he’s just lying again.

Mayor Trent Conway was nice to him, and he had a few friendly people available to greet him. Maybe he’ll get some funding. Mayor Conway endorsed Donald Trump.

Some residents wondered if they could block the roads so Biden couldn’t get in.

He was greeted by residents with chants of “Let’s go, Brandon.”

He was there for Ukraine, but not Americans.

They don’t care about us.

Biden only cares about himself.

As Babylon Bee says.

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