Joy Behar Insults the Victims of East Palestine


The worst of the worst ladies of The View, Joy Behar, suggested residents of East Palestine got what they deserved after voting for Donald Trump. She’s misinformed and thinks Donald Trump was responsible for the Northern Southern train derailment.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden were responsible, mostly Barack Obama. We explained it here.

“I don’t know why they would ever vote for him, somebody who, by the way, he placed someone with deep ties to the chemical industry in charge of the EPA’s chemical safety office,” Behar bleeped, obsessed with trashing Republicans, especially Donald Trump.

“That’s who you voted for in that district, Donald Trump, who reduces all safety,” Behar said.

These women know nothing. Joy Behar’s hatred for political opponents is legend. She gets away with lying about them regularly.

More than 70% of the eligible residents voted for Donald Trump.

Seeing Donald Trump bring water and supplies to the residents in East Palestine “disgusted” Sunny Hostin.

Why Behar is allowed to spew her venom is a mystery.

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