Bill Gates’ GERM: A Global Agency to Model Aussie Totalitarianism?


Depopulation and lockdown hysteric Bill Gates, who is not a scientist, wants a global pandemic agency called GERM. GERM would include teams that would ostensibly prevent pandemics. The WHO would govern it but the teams would be in a separate global agency in Geneva.

The new GERM people would have a vested interest in new pandemics.

Gates is the person who said we could prevent pandemics if we did what Australia did. As you know, they went full totalitarian.

“If every country does what Australia did, then you wouldn’t be calling [the next outbreak] a pandemic,” Gates, a health philanthropist who has dedicated billions of dollars to vaccine research, said at the annual Munich Security Conference earlier this month.

It would cost about $1 billion a year to keep GERM going, he wrote in the Wall Street Journal. That would only be the beginning.

He wants a huge global complex to dictate, in addition to The WHO. BUT, The WHO would manage it!!! The WHO is already planning to become the world health dictator next month. They would strip 194 nations of their sovereignty to do it.

More from Bill Gates:

What we need is a well-funded global organization with enough full-time experts in all the necessary areas, the credibility, and authority that come with being a public institution, and a clear remit to focus on preventing pandemics. I call it the GERM—Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization—team, and the job of its people should be to wake up every day asking themselves the same questions: “Is the world ready for the next outbreak? What can we do to be better prepared?” They should be fully paid, regularly drilled, and prepared to mount a coordinated response to the next threat of a pandemic. The GERM team should have the ability to declare a pandemic and work with national governments and the World Bank to raise money for the response very quickly.

My back-of-the-napkin estimate is that GERM would need about 3,000 full-time employees. Their skills should run the gamut: epidemiology, genetics, drug and vaccine development, data systems, diplomacy, rapid response, logistics, computer modeling, and communications. GERM should be managed by the WHO, the only group that can give it global credibility, and it should have a diverse workforce, with a decentralized staff working in many places around the world. To get the best staff possible, GERM should have a special personnel system different from what most U.N. agencies have. Most of the team would be based at individual countries’ national public health institutes, though some would sit in the WHO’s regional offices and at its headquarters in Geneva.

He just won’t go away.

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