Report: Billions Have a Broken Immune System After Pfizer Jabs




Two new studies show mRNA-jabbed people have a much higher risk of getting COVID than unvaccinated people – here and here. More here.

Another study shows that the virus might replicate itself, causing long Covid and worse variants.

It explains excess sudden deaths and indicates that billions now have a damaged immune system. It could be permanent.

This needs further research. Conclusions could still change.


In a brief article by Karl Denninger, he explains why people getting more shots get more Covid. “What we do know, factually, is that when you get infected with Covid post Jab #3, your neutralizing antibody product is a statistical zero while your “tolerance” antibody production shoots the moon.  This is exactly backward from what you want to happen, and we are now left trying to figure out exactly how badly you screwed both yourself and others.”

The vaccine sheds to others.


Billions of people are stuck with a broken immune response. Rintrah calls it “the trainwreck of all trainwrecks…We intervened in something that we just don’t properly understand, at the scale of billions of people.”

“With the spike-based vaccines, we have done the exact worst thing you could possibly do: We homogenized the human immune response to a new virus that is rapidly becoming more genetically diverse,” Rintrah writes.

“The death toll is rising in unison with the viral load because the excess mortality is not a direct product of the vaccine, it is an indirect product of the vaccine interfering with our response to this virus.

“You already know the story: After the second shot, IgG4 begins to show up. This gets worse with the breakthrough infections; then it gets worse again with the third shot. Now we have updated findings from breakthrough infections after the third shot. And this will shock you, but it gets worse again.

“It probably has something to do with us ridding our bodies of the most competent IgG antibody against this virus, replacing it with the one we use to tolerate stuff like pollen, peanut proteins, or bee venom.”


What they are seeing is billions of people stuck with a broken immune response. Igor Chudov has an easy-to-understand explanation of the latest studies. A booster-caused IgG4 immune tolerance explains excess mortality and chronic [long] covid. IgG4 is meant to treat mild infections, not dangerous infections.

“The boosters work like allergy shots, but pollen does not replicate,” Chudov says.

“It is a good idea not to have inflammation in response to pollen. It is a bad idea, however, to train our immune system to ignore replicating pathogens such as Sars-Cov-2.

“How would “immune tolerance,” induced by repeat antigen shots such as mRNA injections, look like when the person is infected with Sars-Cov-2?

“It would look like a “mild” infection without a serious fever that would last much longer than necessary and cause organ damage. The sufferer may say, for the first week, that they are thankful for vaccines and boosters making their symptoms mild. Then they start wondering why the infection is not going away.”


Dr. Shapira, former head of the Israeli Biological Institution, questions calling Pfizer and other COVID shots “vaccines.” The efficacy of something that lasts partially for maybe three months with severe adverse effects does not qualify as a vaccine. He said the Pfizer vaccine caused the deaths of thousands of people. It causes heart muscle inflammation and is dangerous for young men, might cause serious neurological diseases, and may raise the prevalence of certain cancers.

Pfizer’s “efficacy is low and sometimes non-existent,” Dr. Shapira said. The  COVID vaccine makes you more susceptible to infections in general.

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