Bio-Male Hailey Davidson Wants to Skunk Women in Pro Golf


Bio-male transgender golfer Hailey Davidson, who has three tournament wins over biological women, is off to a strong start at the LPGA Tour’s qualifying school.

Davison is competing at The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) as the professional women’s golf qualifying school tournament is underway.


Davidson, who has three professional tournament wins, including one that netted $550, finished round one of the LPGA and Epson Tour Qualifying School Stage 1 (track the scoring here) at 2-under (70). That puts Davidson in a great position against 310 biological females who are attempting to advance to compete for an LPGA card in December’s Q-Series tournament.

If bio-male Davison finishes in under a score of 88, he advances.

The top 100 players, according to GolfWeek, who make it out of Stage 1 will go on to October’s Stage II.

He also fundraised off his intrusion into women’s sports:

“I know I have what it takes from being around professional golfers on the LPGA/PGA/Champions Tour over the recent years and staying very competitive with them all. While I know that I have the talent and mental game to make a career out of playing, the initial cost of tournaments and practice expenses is what truly holds me back,” Davidson wrote in 2021 while trying to fundraise for qualifying school.

In one 2021 tournament, Davidson finished three shots behind Paula Creamer, who has 10 career LPGA wins, including the 2010 U.S. Women’s Open title.


Allegedly, the transgender golfer has a higher mission, not the selfish one it appears to be. He told SBNation’s

“I know what I can do within professional sports can hopefully knock some sense into people to stop hurting these (trans) kids … My making money on a golf course is great and all, but what is really important are the lives of people being affected by this. I’m going to find a way to make sure that every single one of those laws are gone before I leave this earth.”

Then donate the money to women’s sports. He is stealing from women who have worked hard for their successes. Davidson is a bio-male in a male body. He needs to compete with men or start a trans league.

Men like this are ruining women’s sports. Where are the Democrats who love women so much? We wish him well in his life, but not in women’s sports.


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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

It seems that Democrats love (to use and abuse) women ad try very hard to control their voting patterns. Another voting block is the black vote. Their propaganda machines insist they love and serve blacks, but in reality black lives only matter until the election is over, then they are relegated to what is in effect “modern slavery” where conditions like health and a good education no longer exist for them.

1 year ago

Why aren’t Woman going crazy over this. If this results in unisex sports, woman will never see a Sports scholarship in the future.

1 year ago

Haven’t the women always wanted to compete with the men. You know, the Battle of the Sexes. Well now you have it and guess what, you can’t even compete with the sissy men. LOL