Black conservative reporter stabbed by Antifa after violent night of riots in Portland


The stabbing

A conservative journalist with The Common Sense Conservative was stabbed in an early morning attack in Portland, Oregon this morning. You can watch it in the first video below. The stabbing followed a night of continued attacks against the Hatfield Courthouse and against random people in Portland.

The victim, a Black man identified as Drew Duncomb, confronted an alleged Antifa member who was following him and other journalists. The graphic video shows the Antifa criminal stabbing him once.

Apparently, the black reporter’s life doesn’t matter.


The man who stabbed him is a pig:

The Black reporter goes by the name, Black Rebel.

Mr. Duncomb put it a periscope video on his way to the hospital.


View this post on Instagram


This is the antifa punk that stabbed me

A post shared by Black Rebel (@realblackrebel) on

There is a video, eyewitnesses, a victim in the hospital, and a police report. It should be a hate crime since a white Antifa stabbed a Black conservative.

 CNN reported:

At around 2:30 a.m. local time, police received a report of a stabbing at Southwest 5th Avenue and Southwest Salmon Street, at which point medics on the scene provided first aid to the victim, who was then taken to a hospital by ambulance, PPB said.

One suspect was taken into custody and the investigation into the incident is ongoing, the PPB statement reads.

That’s a news report? The media is very corrupt.

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3 years ago

If you watch the videos throughout the night, it’s quite clear there has been training in tactical operations.It is in no way spontaneous in execution. I said early on with #Resist that it will come when protestors would get considerably more brazen. Once they were, “in your face”, to officers the next step is throwing things. I hadn’t thought about fireworks though, but the tactics of throwing gas canisters back has been gradually the method of repelling the forces. If this isn’t squashed soon, the next step will be a full frontal attack by a mob. The officers are wielding non-lethal weapons so when they are rushed there won’t be enough time to retreat. With the fenced area of Portland it means the officers will not be able to retreat into the building, neither will there be enough time to pull their sidearms in defense. If live fire even needs to be used, the media will treat it as another Kent State. Once that Minnesota precinct fell that gave the mobs the “courage” to keep elevating the violence. Last night was The First time the crowd did Not scatter when tear gas and pepper balls were deployed.

We had an incidence here last night with about 30 protestors marching from a college to a nearby side
street and into residential neighborhoods. Within half a block people from those homes came out
and confronted them. The protestors were told to get out of the streets and argued with the cops when
they came. Immediately the organizer was arrested and soon many others. It wasn’t long before they
were dispersed. The streamer was looking for the courthouse, except it’s quite a distance away, plus,
he was going in the wrong direction. This is One county that will Not put up with these shenanigans.
Those typical tactics of, “we have a right to be in the street”, and, “what’s your name and badge no.”
doesn’t play well here. The incident didn’t last for much more than 15 minutes.

3 years ago

F… the Police, but,,, Call 911. Much later on they started attacking police cars again.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Minimize attacks on conservatives exploit others to fit their narratives