BLM’s ‘mostly peaceful protests’ riot throughout the nation on Friday


Black Lives Matter terrorists — the choice of the CCP-NBA, MLB, WNBA, NHL, NFL, and tennis teams (they used to choose Wheaties) — are assaulting people throughout the nation. They are forcing their cars to stop and then they threaten their lives.

In cities across the country, there have been dozens of incidents of violence by the BLM and Antifa terrorists. They are metastasizing as blue city officials do nothing. This is a blue city initiative to get Biden elected. Biden offered nine meek words against violence yesterday — his first criticism of the riots. He can’t say too much since these are his voters.

“Ha ha, he’s scared as f***” says the terrorist with the camera:

San Jose, California, you will not eat in peace!

Los Angeles:

They’re assaulting the police (notice all the white liberals/leftists BLMers):

NYPD traffic officers were punched:

The BLM cheer as an officer is knocked down:

Raleigh, North Carolina:

Denver, Colorado:

San Diego, California:


Portland is still burning, of course. They are mostly antifa, with BLM. Mayor Ted Wheeler just sent a vicious letter to President Trump after he offered Wheeler help. Wheeler made the letter public.

Now Wheeler has strobe lights shining up at his apartment windows in the dead of night. The left always eats their own:

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