Bloomberg’s ‘Everytown’ Is Behind ‘Grassroots’ Student ‘March for Our Lives’


The so-called non-partisan and student-led March for Our Lives to be held on March 24th is backed by Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown. This is no grassroots movement. It’s driven by the Democrat [Socialists] Party and an organization that is known for its gun-grabbing goals.

Traumatized students at Stoneman High School are being exploited by Everytown.

It’s not all the students throughout the nation who want anti-gun laws although that’s what the left wants people to believe. The students are backed by radical gun grabbers and it is partisan, whether these youth get it or not.

This is how Everytown describes their relatively new movement:

We’ve had enough. Thoughts and prayers are not enough to honor the victims of gun violence. What we need now is action.

On March 24, 2018, students will rally in Washington D.C and in local communities across the country to demand action from our leaders. Join us in the March For Our Lives, as we fight for an America that is free from gun violence.

The leftist Women’s March will also form events as will The [leftist] Partnership for Education. The Partnership for Education will hold a march on the anniversary of Columbine which also happens to be Hitler’s birthday. Hitler also took guns away from the people.

The ultimate goal of the left is to first ban rifles and then go for handguns.


The Democrat [Socialist] Party has talked of an Australian-type buyback, laws that would make guns expensive to own, bullets too expensive to buy, and bans on popular shotguns, rifles, and some handguns.

It’s the left’s policy of “incrementalism” to gut the Second Amendment. They are fully ready to confiscate all guns while claiming they are not.

An internal DOJ memo uncovered by the NRA states that the government plans to limit all importation, manufacture, sale, and possession of large capacity magazines:

In order to have an impact, large capacity magazine regulation needs to sharply curtail their availability to include restrictions on importation, manufacture, sale, and possession. An exemption for previously owned magazines would nearly eliminate any impact.

The memo asserts that assault weapons are not the major cause of the gun crimes and a ban on them would have little impact, especially given the fact that it would take decades to deplete the supply.

They, therefore, suggest that gun confiscation is the way to go:

Since assault weapons are not a major contributor to US gun homicide and the existing stock of guns is large, an assault weapon ban is unlikely to have an impact on gun violence. If coupled with a gun buyback and no exemptions then it could be effective. [Bold by editor]

They want mandatory gun registration of all firearms. This would be a prelude to confiscating ALL other guns.

The ban on rifles is a prelude to a ban on handguns.


The President is looking to strengthen the gun laws we have. We need to make agencies, like the FBI, do their job. The FBI has fallen down on the job in case after case.

We also need state and local governments to enforce the laws we have.

There is no talk of opening more facilities and providing more options for police to safeguard the public from people who are mentally ill and dangerous.

These leftist movements are not about protecting students. If they were interested in that, they would realize the only thing that will be effective is to add armed security. We have armed security everywhere in government buildings, airports, train stations. Schools need it too. This is the USA today.

The latest from the left is that the “students” don’t want armed protection. They don’t want any more militarization of schools.

Adding some armed guards is not militarization. That’s a left-wing talking point. It’s illogical.

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6 years ago

This horrific incident may very well have been caused by policies of the Broward school system. In order to prevent any police records to the students they began to suppress violations in 2013. If not for this policy the culprit may have incurred a record thus preventing his access to the firearms. Apparently there were serious problems with students in this district.–agreement-to-reduce-student-arrests/

6 years ago

Can’t wait for the CNN town hall scripted BS the media will feed these kids to talk about, here is an example………CNN’s Alisyn Camerota stirring the pot……….”So what do you say to the NRA?” Camerota asked Gonzalez.

“Disband, dismantle,” the student replied. Camerota, seemingly unsatisfied, then asked another leading question, “I don’t have to tell you guys that they give millions of dollars to politicians. They have a very powerful tool. How do you expect politicians who need money to keep running for office to say no to the NRA?”

Gonzalez then replied, “Because we keep telling them if they accept this blood money they are against the children. They are against the people who are dying. And that is — there’s no other way to put it at this point: You’re either funding the killers or you’re standing with the children.”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,before this school shooting I really doubt this kid could tell anybody what the NRA acronym is !!!!!!!! these kids are being fed BS

6 years ago

“The FBI has fallen down on the job in case after case.” A lot of people are beginning to wonder if they’re incompetent… or…?

6 years ago

“I think it’s disgusting, personally. My father’s a retired FBI agent and the FBI are some of the hardest working individuals I have ever seen in my life,” proclaimed David Hogg to CNN.

And, to make it really good for TV, how about a little coaching.

6 years ago

Media Treatment of Parkland Students Reeks of Exploitation,Grabien News ….its a good read….as far as David Hogg goes, he should brush up on some basic civic course’s before he does anymore interviews, heres what he said on one of the Sunday talk shows………….President Trump, you control the House of Representatives, you control the Senate, and you control the executive. You haven’t taken a single bill for mental health care or gun control and passed it. And that’s pathetic. We’ve seen a government shutdown, we’ve seen tax reform, but nothing to save our children’s lives. Are you kidding me? You think now is the time to focus on the past and not the future to prevent the death of thousands of other children? You sicken me……………………David here is a Civics Lesson: President Trump controls the Executive Branch of government, he DOES NOT control the House or the Senate or the Judicial branches. It is up to the House and the Senate to create laws or change laws, the president only gets to sign on or veto those laws. Trump does not have the power of a phone and a pen like Obama claimed, but he does do twitter ,follow him on it, maybe you will stay off the fake news programs!!!!!!!!!!